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What’s your LinkedIn profile appeal?

Take our quiz to find out.

If you’re like millions of other working professionals, chances are you’ve already joined the ultimate professional networking website, LinkedIn®.

Maybe you’ve created a detailed profile and linked to more than a few dozen of your colleagues—and even gotten a few glowing recommendations. But with 380 million members worldwide and two new users joining LinkedIn every second, it’s critical to do everything you can to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd and winds up in front of the right people: potential employers and recruiters.

Take this quiz to find out how your profile rates in terms of LinkedIn appeal:


1. My LinkedIn profile is written from the perspective of:

A. Third person, similar to a standard resume.

B. My mother; she wrote it.

C. A series of bulleted lists without complete sentences.

D. First person. I use “I” throughout.


2. My profile picture on LinkedIn:

A. Is the default gray avatar. I just don’t have any decent photos, so I’d rather have nothing.

B. Is warm, friendly and sharp; it’s professional-looking.

C. Is a picture of my new puppy. He’s super adorable and will definitely attract attention.


3. The summary at the top of my profile:

A. Includes a list of my overall job-seeking career objectives.

B. Provides a brief snapshot of my work history, written in the first person.

C. There’s a summary section? I must have missed that.

D. Is a couple of sentences. I didn't want to provide too much information at the top.  


4. My recommendations on LinkedIn are:

A. Mostly from three friends I begged.

B. I don’t have recommendations yet. Is that important?

C. From a range of colleagues, including past supervisors to current co-workers that I have carefully cultivated.

D. I have a ton, but they're all more than four years old.  


5. Which of the following is true about profiles?

A. I can create a customized URL for my profile that includes my name.

B. Adding skills will get my profile viewed more often.

C. I can reorder the skills at the bottom of my profile to move important ones to the top of the list.

D. All of the above.  


6. When it comes to listing past jobs on my profile, I:

A. Listed everything I’ve done. You never know when someone might be interested in those skills I picked up in my early positions.

B. Only included positions I think are relevant to the work I want to do in the future.

C. List most jobs, but I don’t include any detail on jobs that were more than 10 years ago.

D. Included only the jobs I stuck with longest. Otherwise, it makes me look like I’ve switched jobs too often.  


7. To make my LinkedIn profile more appealing, I:

A. Use a lot of buzzwords and industry jargon in my profile.

B. Only connect with people in my industry.

C. Picked a background banner photo that’s relevant to my industry.

D. A and B


8. To make my profile appear in more searches, I:

A. Added relevant industry keywords to my title and summary section.

B. Wrote a provocative headline for my profile that has nothing to do with my profession.

C. Make a point of connecting on LinkedIn with respected professionals I meet.

D. A and C


9.  A photograph on my profile makes my profile _____ times more likely to be viewed.

A. 2

B. 5

C. 7

D. 11


10. When it comes to sharing status updates, I post:

A. Inspirational or cute quotations or placards.

B. Interesting things I’m trying to sell.

C. Professional comments, questions or links to industry articles.

D. The same thing I might post on Twitter® or Facebook®. It’s about networking, right? 


11. To get an employer more interested in my profile, I:  

A. Added multimedia projects, such as photos, videos and slide-show presentations.

B. Hired a photographer to take a professional headshot of me in which I look friendly and engaged.

C. Posted at least seven professional recommendations.

D. All of the above.


12. Although there are lots of things I can do, I can't do this on LinkedIn:

A. Use a resume-builder feature to generate a resume from my profile.

B. Go anonymous so that others can’t tell I’ve looked at their profiles

C. Import my contacts from Facebook.

D. Turn off activity broadcasts, so everyone doesn’t know I’ve made minor changes to my profile.