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University of Phoenix® was founded upon a deep understanding of working adult students’ needs. We will continue to innovate to understand and meet those needs. I have heard from students and alumni that you want opportunities for mentorships, internships and further career advancement.  Our faculty members also have told me they are excited to further engage with our alumni.

You excel in your own fields and careers. Many of you already serve your community. And most of you report widespread satisfaction with your University of Phoenix experience. When surveyed, nearly 92 percent of you agree that your education at the University prepared you sufficiently, or very well, for the next level of education. And 81 percent of you would recommend the University to family or friends. And yet there is more we must learn about you—and more we can do to give you opportunities for advancement. We are interested in uncovering what you want and need from your alma mater.

As we find ways to do that, I encourage you to connect or reconnect with the University. Join your local alumni chapter or visit a local campus to discuss ways to meet and support our current students, update them on internship opportunities in your field, or offer to mentor a student.

Please reach out to me directly via email, Twitter or LinkedIn about how to activate and energize an alumni network as large and varied as University of Phoenix. This is an important conversation and you must help me lead it.

It bears repeating from my letter in the last issue: You, our alumni, are real testaments to the character and leadership made possible through discipline, hard work and resilience. I trust that you’ll continue building the bridge for those who come after you.

Timothy P. Slottow
University of Phoenix

Twitter: @TimSlottow