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Dear alumni,  

When I look back at 2015—as with my entire tenure as President—it is my interaction with our students and alumni that has given me the most satisfaction. None of my duties is more gratifying than having the privilege to address our newest graduates during commencement.

I said to our new graduates something that applies equally to all of our alumni: “Meeting you and your colleagues around the country, and hearing your stories, I know what perseverance looks like and I know it can create transformation, and a whole new chapter, a whole new beginning, with new doors and new opportunities for you, your family and the next generation.”

When negative press stories gave voice to critics who questioned the quality of a University of Phoenix education, those seeking the truth needed only look to our alumni to see the value of your degree demonstrated every day. I want to thank you for serving as a living testament to the value of accessible higher education for diverse working adults.

"I know from conversations with many of you that your success is the result of determination, perseverance and hard work."
– Timothy P. Slottow, University of Phoenix President

This year we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of University of Phoenix and welcome our one millionth graduate, an unprecedented achievement in higher education. As we begin a new year and continue the journey toward becoming the most trusted provider of career-relevant higher education for working adults, we will move forward with our focus where it’s always been—on you, our students and alumni. Your voices and concerns have been, and will remain, the key guiding force as we accomplish our vision of being recognized as the most trusted provider of career-relevant higher education for working adults.


Timothy P. Slottow
President | University of Phoenix

Twitter: @TimSlottow