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What’s Your Workplace Personality? Take our quiz to find out.

If you want to achieve better results, don’t just get busy, become more productive.

Take our quiz to find out. 

After a grueling day at work, you get the email. There’s a crisis looming that needs to be handled pronto to avoid disaster. But it’s closing time and you’re exhausted. Do you run for the door to get some much needed sleep so that you’re better able to handle it in the morning; grab a cup of coffee and settle in for the evening; or rally support from others?

How you react to different situations in the workplace is often a function of your personality. Although it sometimes can be challenging for different personality types to work closely together in an office environment, it’s important to recognize that each personality brings different skills to the table. In fact, a variety of personality types are actually needed to create a balanced team that can work together and get the job done.

So, where does your personality fit in at the office? Take this quiz to find out: 

1. If you could create an app that would make your workplace ideal,it would be:

L)  A “worker” app, making everyone around me more productive and on-task.

M) An “appreciation” app, making people push me to the top of their fun-to-be-around list.

N) A “peace-keeping” app to ensure that we are all getting along well, and that everyone is feeling respected and a part of the team.

P) A “careful” app to keep everyone in check about following all the rules and to ensure no one makes errors. 

2. As an employee you tend to think of the rest of the workforce population as:

M) Potential connections in your network to help bolster your career.

P) Data sets with individual skills you can mine for problem solving.

N) Unique souls who each fulfill important roles when you take the time to notice.

L) Worker bees in your kingdom. 


3. During a high stakes meeting, there’s a break. The problem that’s being discussed hasn’t been solved yet, so during the break, you:

M) Chat with someone to forget about the issue for a bit.

L)  You don’t take a break. You can’t relax until the issue is solved.

(P) Work alone, doing research about the problem. Without other people distracting you, it may be easier to solve.

(N) Take a walk and breathe. Any problem is easier to solve a problem after taking a break. 


4. When choosing someone to work on your team, you look for someone who:

(L)  Has strong skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

(M) Likes working with me and is excited about the project.

(P) Can work independently without asking for help.

(N) Is a good listener, can respond well to feedback and work well with others. 


5. You’re stuck in traffic and making you late for an important meeting. You:

(L) Honk your car horn a lot and get aggravated.

(M) Groove to music in your car and forget about it.

(P) Vow to find a different route or leave much earlier the next time. 

(N) Sit patiently. Mornings like this are all a part of the process. 


6. A coworker is having an outburst at work, and the behavior is affecting everyone’s productivity. You:

(P) Are seriously annoyed and leave the area.

(N) Ask if you can help them, and then listen patiently to their response.

(L) Take charge of the situation by asking them to leave until they can control themselves.

(M) Think to yourself, poor guy, and quietly feel glad it’s not happening to you. 


7. During a hectic day at work, you answer the phone and it’s a stranger asking questions that aren’t relevant to you. You:  

(N) Respond intuitively, depending on what you hear and what your gut tells you to do.

(L) Immediately excuse yourself, telling the person you can’t talk. You can’t afford to waste time for no good reason.

(M) Chat them up with your charming personality, and try to answer their questions as best you can while making a connection.

(P) Quickly take a no-nonsense message, and pass it along to another person who might better handle the call. 


8. If someone were to observe you at a networking party, they would typically see you:

(L) Take charge of a conversation that puts your company in a better position.

(N) Without a game plan. You usually wind up gravitating toward what you find interesting.

(M) Entertaining someone with your charming personality and wit.

(P) Absent. You’re not a great networker.


9. A coworker asks you for a big favor that is unexpected and beyond what you’re capable of delivering. You:

(L) Just say “no.” 

(M) Say yes, but realize you may not get it done on time

(N) Give counseling about how they might manage to get the task done, and offer to help out if necessary.

(P) Assess if it’s worth your time by reasoning out the loss or gain.


10. Which task would you would least want to do on the job:

(N) Demand that you be given a raise.

(M) Lay someone off that you like.

(P) Give a motivational speech.

(L) Work as a low-level assistant.