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Advanced degree? Check. In-depth knowledge? Check. The desire to share your knowledge to help others achieve? Double-check. As a faculty member, you’ll be challenged to provide a purposeful student experience to prepare your working learners for greater success in the real world. You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. If this sounds like you, you may meet the criteria to become a faculty member at University of Phoenix.

Rewards of teaching

Our faculty share a desire to be powerful forces behind the future leaders of their communities—and we provide our endless support. With numerous resources available to faculty and students, ongoing workshops and mentorship programs, small class sizes and carefully-crafted syllabi—your job will remain interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Some of the rewards of being a faculty member at University of Phoenix are the abilities to:

  • Teach part time without interrupting your full-time career.
  • Know you’re making a difference sharing your wisdom with students who will benefit from your experience.
  • Connect with all of your students—in a classroom or online—with our smaller class sizes.
  • Expand your own knowledge base as you study course materials, read texts, review student research and facilitate class discussions.
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills while you’re presenting course materials and answering questions.
  • Network with other professionals in your field by not only teaching them, but also interacting with them on a peer-to-peer level.

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Associate Part-Time Faculty Recruiting Process


Course requirements vary from program to program. Explore the minimum criteria for teaching courses at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral level:


  • A master’s or doctoral degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or international equivalent in the subject you’d like to teach.
  • Current knowledge and experience in your related work field.


  • An initial three-week certification program focuses on the learning environment and skills for facilitating discussion-oriented classes.
  • During your first course, you are mentored by a seasoned faculty member.
  • For potential doctoral faculty, an additional two-week program focuses specifically on the expectations for scholarship and leadership.
  • Upon successful completion of your first course, you may be invited to join the faculty body.

Continual improvement and evaluation

  • Faculty members are evaluated on specific performance criteria and receive feedback from learners and other faculty and staff members.
  • Professional development through attendance at workshops, participation in professional conferences and the publication of research is strongly encouraged.

The teaching experience


  • You have the flexibility to prepare coursework anytime, day or night, and post your classroom presentations from any place that has an Internet connection.
  • Through online education, you can connect with—and make an impact on—students in your area, across the state or in another country. We employ advanced educational technologies that make connections seamless.
  • You can lead classes that become like interactive online communities, with rich discussion that stems from students having the opportunity to think about their written contributions rather than in-class comments.
  • You’ll hone valuable online communication and instruction skills while sharing important information that impacts your students’ lives.

At a local campus

  • University of Phoenix students are working adults who want to learn. They usually go to school to make a better life for their families and themselves, so they recognize the value of education—and of you.
  • Our small class sizes allow instructors and students to interact face to face, enabling you to give personal attention to students who may need it.
  • When students share the results of applying what they’ve learned in class to their jobs, you’ll know you’re making an impact. And by interacting with professionals in your classroom, you’ll be able to learn new strategies and network with peers.

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Apollo Education Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We will consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status or disability status.

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