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FAQs—Become a Faculty Member

Because University of Phoenix provides access to education for so many people, our students come from a variety of backgrounds and areas in the United States, and throughout the world. We have students who are new to higher education and we have students who are working toward adding a master’s or doctoral degree to their list of credentials. Many of our students are established professionals who want to expand their knowledge of their current field, or develop skills and competencies in a new discipline. Simply put, the only thing you’ll find typical in the students at University of Phoenix is a deep desire to earn an education.

Whether you’ll be teaching on-campus or online depends on your preference, experience, and what courses we need instructors for when you apply. If there isn't a current need for the online or on-campus course you would like to teach, we encourage you to continue checking back as our needs change frequently.

During your first class, it’s typical to spend 15–18 hours per week on preparation, student assistance and other administrative tasks due to the process of learning how to teach a University of Phoenix class. After the first class, you’ll typically spend 10–12 hours on instruction per week.

No. University of Phoenix requires that all instructors have an advanced degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Since you have your master’s degree or higher, we ask that you have relevant work experience in the course that you want to teach. We’re looking for professionals who have work experience that proves you have an understanding of your field. If you think your résumé communicates that, get in touch with us today.

To be able to access all of the resources that you’ll use at University of Phoenix, we recommend that you have a computer with a processor at 1.6 GHz or faster with 256MB RAM or greater to support most Microsoft® Office programs and any other software relevant to teaching your course. Your hard drive should have at least 20 GB, and you’ll want to have a high-speed Internet connection. You’ll also find it helpful if you have a sound card, speakers, video card, and a monitor that’s set to 1024 X 768 pixels per inch or greater.

If you’re looking to teach computer technology to students at University of Phoenix, then you should be an expert when it comes to technology. For all other courses, teaching for University of Phoenix does require some computer literacy. For most courses, you just need to be able to use Microsoft® Office programs, send emails with attachments, participate in and moderate online forums, and access information online that you’ll need to facilitate your course. You might also need to use CD ROMs or software more specific to the subjects you’re asked to teach. And as a faculty member, you’re expected to install and use an anti-virus application to prevent receiving or spreading viruses.

Absolutely. Just make sure you have a master’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited university and are working in your field of expertise. Let us know about your passion for helping others to learn, and how you’ve demonstrated that in the past. If your qualifications are a good fit, you’ll go through a certification program that will help you to effectively use your real-world experience to instruct students.

There are 5 stages to the selection process. Successful completion of the selection process will result in faculty status and can take several months to complete. All candidates are required to go through the entire process regardless of previous/current experience as a faculty member at another institution of higher education.

  1. Preliminary Evaluation
    - Resume Review
    - Online Video Interview Questionnaire (powered by external vendor)
  2. Interviews
    - Campus Interview and Content/Dean Interview.
  3. Materials Collection
    - Application materials submission (official transcripts and licensure) and review. (Faculty candidates are responsible for ordering/paying for their official transcripts. If you are invited to continue in the selection process, it is recommended that expedited delivery be selected when ordering the official copy.)
    - Candidate file approval (Content Area Request/Course approval)

    *NOTE: Once a candidate has been selected to advance beyond the materials collection phase an employment verification background check will be initiated (includes a criminal and credit check).

  4. New Faculty Training/Certification
    - Candidates participate in a complimentary 3 week training/certification program which will require candidates to be online for 3 weeks with a face-to-face at the campus location for 1 day in the second week (typically mimics a class schedule of 6pm-10pm). Candidates can expect to spend an average of 15-18 hours per week in certification. This program covers policies, procedures, resources available and facilitation tips among other important information designed to prepare faculty for successful facilitation. Online candidates will conduct training in 3 consecutive weeks online.
    - Pending a positive recommendation from the certification facilitator and staff, candidates are invited to advance to mentorship.

    *NOTE: Collection of the appropriate Human Resource documents will be initiated upon successful completion of New Faculty Certification. This portion of the process may take several weeks to complete. Please note that the mentorship cannot be scheduled until the payroll process has been completed.

  5. Instructional Evaluation/Mentorship
    - 2 weeks of prep time, during which the candidate's mentor helps them prepare for their first course.
    - Instruction of the course while being shadowed by a mentor.
    - Mentors remain in active communication with the mentee throughout the course, providing supervision and feedback. (Mentors are seasoned/lead faculty members).
    - One week of evaluation period following the course, during which candidates post final grades for their students and receive a final recommendation from their mentor.
    - The Instructional Evaluation portion of the process is compensated at the full rate of a course. Please review the faculty compensation scale below.

    *NOTE: You will be compensated for the time spent in the classroom itself. As a reminder, the two week prep-period as well as the week following your mentorship for posting grades is unpaid and still considered part of the certification process.

Yes. You must live in the United States and if you’re not a U.S. citizen, you must have an unrestricted work visa. Also, make sure to present your valid Social Security card for payroll purposes before you can teach your first class.

Our primary scheduling objective is to help ensure the highest academic quality in the classroom and the best possible student experience. Therefore, we have established a per-campus guideline limiting the maximum number of classes an individual faculty member may teach at one time (concurrently). The maximum course load should not exceed two at a time, unless student enrollment and the number of available faculty for a particular course dictate otherwise. The University cannot guarantee a certain number or frequency of classes. The Associate Faculty position is considered part-time employment on a contract-to-contract (course-to-course) basis.

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