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You’ll go beyond your own high expectations as an online faculty member at University of Phoenix. Here, you’re not limited to one location, which allows you to transform the lives of online students in your home town, across the state or in another country. See if you qualify to join us and inspire students all over the world.

Transform lives around the world

As one of the pioneers of online learning, University of Phoenix knew long ago what many educational experts know today—online learning is an effective way to earn a degree.  We employ technological advances that make it easier than ever for you to feel connected to your students online.

No boundaries

When you become one of our instructors, you’ll facilitate online discussions that are practically guaranteed to be rich in content. Online students have an opportunity to think more about their written contributions than in-class comments.

Plus, the opportunity for a diverse student population is greater because our students take courses from nearly anywhere. As a result, discussions are open exchanges that can be expansive, meaningful and at the same time, intensely focused on class topics.

You’ll receive replies to questions that you’ve posed, inquiries about assignments and curriculum from your students through the online classroom. Over time your classes will become like online communities with everyone working toward collective goals.


One of the greatest advantages of being an online instructor is the flexibility you’ll experience. You can prepare your coursework anytime, day or night.

This level of flexibility allows you to focus on a full-time career, family and life while you teach. And, you can post your classroom presentations from any place that has an internet connection—home, work or the neighborhood coffee shop.

Increase your online proficiency

Being a faculty member at University of Phoenix helps you sharpen important communication skills that will become increasingly important to the way we all work and live.

Consider statistics from two popular social networking sites: Facebook announced that it had reached 400 million users in February 2010. LinkedIn reports gaining 5 million users in just two months at the end of 2009. This indicates that online mediums have become a legitimate communication channel that will continue to attract more participants as time goes on.

You’ll hone your online communication skills while sharing important information that transforms students’ lives. This prepares you for the inevitability of greater online communication in the future.

Better the world

The best reason for becoming an online University of Phoenix faculty member is knowing that you are impacting your students’ lives in a positive way. It will be meaningful when you hear a student talking about applying a theory taught in class at work.

The good that instructors do is immeasurable because the knowledge gained continues to pay off beyond your class. When you understand just how big the impact you can make for students all around the world your perspective changes, your world gets a little bit bigger and you’ll be inspired to continue to exceed your expectations.

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Interested in becoming a faculty member at University of Phoenix? If you meet the qualifications we've outlined, we invite you to apply.