At a Glance: When you know you’re going to be on the move all day, stock your bag with computer accessories, headphones and study snacks.
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Creating a grab-and-go office definitely has its perks: It only takes a moment to relocate everything you need to study, whether you’re moving to the dining room table, the coffee shop or the park while the kids play.

Use this study station checklist to make sure you’re outfitted and organized for max portability.

  Laptop accessories
What do you need to ensure you can use your laptop on the fly? Possibilities include your laptop’s extension cord, a battery booster, a triple outlet adapter and a vehicle outlet adapter. Invest in a comfortable backpack or bag that can hold what you need, with room to spare for your other on-the-go necessities (see below).

If you typically use the Internet when you study, contact your mobile service provider to find out what it takes to use your smartphone as a personal hotspot when there’s no free Wi-Fi available. You can probably just flip a button to turn it off and on. Find out if your projected usage would affect your data plan, too.

Never leave home without earbuds or headphones — just their presence tells others that you’re working. A good white noise app can drown out nearby conversations, the kids’ TV show and other ambient noise, to help get you in the zone.

  Portable file box or tote
Pick a file box or tote that best suits your needs. Try a soft-sided tote bag with exterior side pockets or a compact plastic file box, either open-topped or closed with a handle. Purchase one or use something you already have on hand. Make sure it comfortably accommodates files for each current class, plus a personal file or two, so you can attend to all of life’s pressing issues on the go.

  Study necessities
Round up your personal study-time essentials, such as pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes and paper clips. Include a small notebook, so you’re ready to jot down random notes or ideas if you get a call or inspiration hits. Corral it all in a zippered pouch.

Consider tossing in another zip-pouch with a few items to help you feel calm and taken care of, such as lip gloss, hand sanitizer, hand lotion and roll-on essential oils.

Dedicate a pocket in your laptop bag to study snacks, such as nuts and dried fruit or granola bars, and keep it stocked. Get in the habit of toting a quality refillable water bottle, too. You may want to tuck in a couple of bucks so you’re always ready for vending machines or coffee shops with card minimums.

This simple study station checklist will help you organize your portable office so you can maximize study time — wherever the day takes you.

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