Medical Documentation

If you’re seeking disability services via the Disability Services Office, verification of your disability is required. Find out what you need to submit.

Your first option is to provide documentation from the diagnosing professional verifying the current condition of your disability to the Disability Services Advisor. This option generally provides sufficient disability documentation.

If the only documentation you have does not reflect your disability or impairment as it currently affects you, the Disability Services Office can help you identify other forms of verification, such as a history of accommodations you received while enrolled at a previous educational institution.

Your former educational institution can provide verification that you were accommodated for your disability, that the educational institution supports the medical verification, and the dates you attended the educational institution.

Please note that you may be required to provide a copy of your medical documentation from the diagnosing professional along with the letter and accommodations information from your previous educational institution.

If you’re having trouble securing appropriate documentation of your disability, please contact your Disability Services Advisor.