Doctoral Learner Perspectives

Students in the School of Advanced Studies frequently share their appreciation for our innovative approach to higher education.

They tell us their University of Phoenix experience has challenged them to uncover ways in which they can make a difference—as leaders, scholars, and practitioners. Many share their stories of how their doctoral degree pursuit simultaneously enriched their personal and professional lives.

Below is a sampling of School of Advanced Studies student perspectives. We hope you enjoy reading them.

"Earning my doctorate has taught me to look deeper and become more discerning. I question what I previously assumed to be true."
Freddy B. WilsonDoctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

"The additional leadership tools and insights I gained from the Doctor of Management program at University of Phoenix have been helpful in deepening and refining my own leadership and consulting capacity and increasing my value to the organizations that I serve."
Tim Porter-O'GradyDoctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

"My experience as a University of Phoenix doctoral student was awakening. My critical thinking is now a more mature model that includes considering multiple ideas at the same time to achieve the most effective outcome. I can more effectively articulate my ideas, opinions, suggestions, and comments."
Judith ChurchDoctor of Health Administration

"The program emphasizes practical application and a teamwork-oriented approach. Yet no one will do the learning for you—you have to do it yourself. I’ve learned how important it is to understand the process and discipline of research. I can interpret information, allow for other interpretations, and find bigger-picture solutions to problems at work."
Chuck MatthewsDoctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

This online program requires brief residencies in select locations. This program is not available to residents of all states. Please contact a University Enrollment Representative for details.

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