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Education options that fit your military lifestyle.

An education for your military or civilian goals

We can help you earn a degree or continue your education whether you want to enhance your role in the military or your civilian career. Our military representatives are positioned to help you discover programs that are relevant for your goals and desired position. Many even have a military background so they know the unique challenges you may face.

We offer military specific services including:

  • Military representatives who understand current culture and military vocabulary.
  • Special military tuition rates for active-duty, National Guard, select Reserve service members, military spouses and eligible dependents.
  • Help navigating the application process for GI Bill® benefits and other financial aid.
  • Potential credit for your applicable military training and education.

Active and Reserve military members and their families are directed to speak with their assigned educational services officer (ESO) or approved installation staff prior to enrolling. Please visit the education office on your assigned military installation for your respective branch. National Guard and Reserve components who do not have an ESO on their installation can contact their regional office for support.

Army Education Centers

Navy College Virtual Education Center

Air Force Virtual Education Center

United States Coast Guard

Get to know our Alliance Partners

ScholarVets empowers veterans and military connected students to be successful in higher education / college. It does this in 3 parts:

  • It enables students to rate and review their college experience, creating a ranking system of schools. This helps veterans and military connected students to choose which college may best fit their needs.
  • ScholarVets supports students during their academic journey to be the best students they can be. It does this by networking students together based on their academic goals and majors and it has a discussion forum focused on academic content to support their learning.
  • ScholarVets connects students that are about to graduate with employers that want to hire veterans. 
  • American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a national nonprofit focused on helping post-9/11 service members and veterans find meaningful civilian employment opportunities. ACP connects veterans with volunteer mentors from more than 65 top-tier companies and also offers an online career advice site, ACP AdvisorNet which connects the military and business communities.
  • ACP’s mentorship program offers service members and veterans a one-on-one, customized yearlong experience. Mentors and veterans work together on career exploration, developing effective job search strategies, networking, communication skills, and other professional development topics. More than 10,000 veterans have already successfully completed a mentorship with ACP.
  • Give an Hour has harnessed a network of generous and compassionate providers across the United States who use their expertise to provide free, quality mental health care to service members, veterans, their families, and their communities.
  • Many in our society struggle with mental health challenges, and not all have access to care. That is why Give an Hour is the backbone organization behind the Campaign to Change Direction, a collective impact effort to change the culture of mental health in America. As part of this effort, Give an Hour is in the process of expanding their model to provide free mental health care to other groups in need.

Benefits through our partners:


Mental health services

Community engagement

Career services


Our goal is to provide the quality education, resources and support to help you successfully transition from military service to a civilian career.

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