Prepare to enhance your career with a master’s in Health Administration

You went into healthcare to help people. Now, experience is showing you that bedside care often begins in the boardroom. Decisions about healthcare quality, technology, data, regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability are made in top-level healthcare management positions. And you want in.

Educationally prepare for opportunities with the help of a Master of Health Administration (MHA). You’ll earn your MHA one 6-week course at a time. That way, you can enhance your healthcare career while keeping up with your job and your family.

Specialize your focus — broaden your skills

Your online MHA can stand alone. Or you can specialize your degree with a concentration and prepare for a leadership role in a variety of areas, including:

  • Education — Influence the future of healthcare by teaching in academic or corporate settings.
  • Gerontology — Learn about the diverse needs of aging populations with a focus on systems, policy and social initiatives.
  • Informatics — Understand how to use data to inform decisions and improve patient outcomes.
  • Sustainability Management — Learn how to reduce the environmental footprint of the healthcare industry.

You can also pursue a dual Master of Health Administration/Master of Business Administration (MHA/MBA) degree to respond to healthcare demands from a business perspective.

Choose the degree program that’s right for you — on a schedule that works for you. You’re ready to meet the challenges and changes in the healthcare industry. Let your MHA degree help you prepare.

Working toward CAHME accreditation

Our MHA program was recently granted candidacy status by the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

Get more from your MHA

Eligible healthcare and health IT students can take advantage of a complimentary individual membership to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Network with other professionals, take advantage of career services, discover professional opportunities and more.

Lock in affordable tuition for your degree

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When it comes to your MHA, you have options:

Master of Health Administration:

Learn to manage a healthcare facility or become a healthcare administrator through this online MHA program. The program will help you understand organizational dynamics, leadership skills and social responsibility. You’ll also learn how to align with other leaders and maintain relationships with them through mergers and acquisitions. The curriculum covers content necessary to become an effective healthcare leader, including:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Talent management
  • Environmental scanning
  • Consensus building
  • Quality improvement
  • Utilizing data to address the Triple Aim (cost/quality of care, health of populations, patient-centrism)

Master of Health Administration with a concentration in Education:

Maybe you’re ready to influence others by teaching health education. Courses in this MHA program will prepare you to deliver health education to a variety of audiences, including patients, schools, colleges and universities, and hospitals. The curriculum covers content necessary to become an effective healthcare educator, including:

  • Developing curriculum
  • Evaluating learning
  • Designing teaching and learning strategies
  • Building training and performance support tools
  • Establishing a foundation in adult learning theory (andragogy)

Master of Health Administration with a concentration in Gerontology:

Learn skills needed to understand the unique physical, emotional and cultural needs of older populations through this MHA degree program. You’ll be taught about the human services, economic, social and legal factors that influence gerontology care as you prepare to balance strategy with the human side of aging. Courses also cover:

  • Myths and stereotypes of aging
  • The experiences of aging populations across the care continuum
  • Disease prevention and health maintenance
  • Disorders that affect health and independent living

Master of Health Administration with a concentration in Informatics:

If utilizing data to improve healthcare sounds interesting, an MHA with a concentration in Informatics may be the program for you. You’ll be taught the skills needed to manage data privacy, measure organizational performance, and track employee productivity, morale and safety. Courses cover topics including:

  • Compliance and privacy
  • Business management
  • Financial management
  • Human resources management

Master of Health Administration with a concentration in Sustainability Management:

Evaluate trends and issues that influence the entire healthcare system through this online MHA program. You’ll learn the skills necessary to cultivate environmental, economic and social sensitivities to address the footprint of the healthcare industry. You’ll also be taught to evaluate regulations and agencies that influence or monitor sustainability in the health sector. Coursework covers topics including:

  • Navigating resource and supply chain use in healthcare contexts
  • Efficient supply chain use
  • Effective community engagement
  • Implications of sustainability initiatives
  • Understanding of the triple bottom line (social, environmental and economic) in healthcare

Master of Health Administration and Master of Business Administration:

This dual degree program provides you with in-depth knowledge of business management practices, so you can respond to the changing healthcare industry. You’ll be taught to examine and evaluate issues and trends that influence a healthcare system. And you’ll incorporate evidence-based and emerging strategies to create a culture of agility and innovation across many health sector contexts. You’ll learn:

  • Organizational leadership
  • Talent management
  • Environmental scanning
  • Consensus building
  • Marketing for healthcare


Why Phoenix?

Learn how to improve patient care from the top down with a Master of Health Administration. Our programs offer relevant, up-to-date curriculum taught by industry professionals who bring an average of 21 years of healthcare experience to the classroom. That means you’ll find the instruction you need to explore a career in healthcare management.

Education that fits your life

Our MHA programs can be completed one 6-week course at a time. That way, you can focus on learning while balancing work and home life.

Specialize your MHA

Choose from concentrations in Education, Gerontology, Informatics or Sustainability Management. Or focus on the business of healthcare with an MHA/MBA.

Broaden your experience

You may already have healthcare experience. Build on that knowledge with courses that prepare you to become a healthcare leader.

Candidate status is an indication that a program in healthcare management has voluntarily committed to participate in a plan of self-improvement and is actively progressing toward the status of accreditation. Candidate status is not accredited status and does not guarantee eventual accredited status.

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