At a Glance: Get inspired by what drives your fellow students, then reflect and identify what fuels your desire for that degree.
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Staying in the game while juggling school, work and family is hard. We asked University of Phoenix students on Facebook to share what keeps them motivated. After getting more than 200 responses, we picked some of our favorites to share with you. Enjoy!

Donna Scranton I had a few traumatic events in my life while I was a student at UOP. I began as a campus student, switched to an online student, back to a campus student, while moving out of state. I was a single mom working full time who was blessed to have UOP staff encouraging me not to give up! The results: BS in psychology that allows me to work with autistic children as a Habilatative Interventionist (behavioral therapist) Blessed everyday to see their progress!

Javier Pena I was the first in my family to get a bachelor's degree. I came from a background where my father would encourage me to move back to Mexico and settle for less, family that would tell me that a higher education really doesn't make a difference. That's why The University of Phoenix means so much to me. I had to break that cycle and show them that education does matter. The day that I received my degree, I told my little girl then, "now it's your turn to carry the torch."

Sabrina Lovick Combs My husband and son and the legacy I was leaving. The legacy to rise to challenge. And the legacy to accomplish something my grandmother and great grandmother couldn't. A college education. I felt at times that they were cheering me on. They had so much faith in their legacy to achieve. That faith pushed me. And in a few weeks, I start my Masters Degree. #werise

Adriana Sofia Llantada Taboada To remember why I started.

Rebecca Kamenir It is important to me, not to let my team mates down or inhibit their accomplishments. That was my driving motivation. Keeping this focus as a mind set, made the effort and time fly by.

Travis Jackson I am a Phoenix and Iraq veteran. I grew up in a dysfunctional family. However, I always believed that 'you are not your family'. Every wall has a crack. I am also a motivational speaker. In November 2014, I made an intelligent decision to pursue my college education. Despite of the harsh criticism and PTSD diagnosis, I found strength to say, "YES". My associates degree is Arts in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality and GPA 3.9. I am eligible for commencement at Atlanta on Oct.16, 2016. My motivations are as follows: God, myself, counselors, classmates, and some coworkers. Thank you UOP for all that you do for students, veterans and non-veterans alike. WE RISE !!!!!!

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