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Patrick S. LaRose, DNP, RN

Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Doctoral Studies

College of Nursing

About LaRose

Since December 2021, Dr. Patrick LaRose has been with University of Phoenix, beginning his career as a full-time faculty member and project chair in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. He was promoted to DNP Program Chair and then to Associate Dean in the College of Nursing. In his current role, Dr. LaRose works collaboratively with college leadership and oversees the RN to BSN program and the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.   

Dr. LaRose maintains an active teaching practice – teaching in the DNP program and serving as Project Chair for students earning their DNP education. He maintains relevancy through his scholarship as a published contributing author for several nursing-related textbooks and other important scholarly activities.   

Dr. LaRose believes when a student knows they matter to the faculty member, this investment creates a synergistic relationship that aims for the highest level of student success.

In 2009, Dr. LaRose began teaching predominately at the pre-licensure level of nursing education when he was a clinical professor. He has taught both clinical and theory-related courses at the undergraduate level and was Nursing Program Director for an ADN and accelerated BSN program. His primary clinical focus at that time was in psychiatry (including med-psych, gero-psych and women’s psych) and critical care (both ICU and cardiac step-down). Dr. LaRose began teaching at the doctorate level in 2016 initially as a visiting professor and then as a full-time associate professor in 2017. Throughout his nursing career, Dr. LaRose has held positions in both clinical and academic leadership. 

Dr. LaRose earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice with a specialization in leadership and administration from Capella University in 2013. He received a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Nursing Education in 2009 from Walden University. Dr. LaRose is an alumnus from the University of Phoenix earning his BSN in 2006. He earned an Associate of Science in Nursing (pre-licensure) from the State College of Florida at Manatee in 2000 with initial RN licensure in 2000. Before earning his RN, Dr. LaRose served as a licensed practical nurse working in acute care with a clinical focus on surgical short stay.  

Dr. LaRose believes when a student knows they matter to the faculty member, this investment creates a synergistic relationship that aims for the highest level of student success.

Research background:

Dr. LaRose is passionate about the utilization of best evidence to frame change in practice that influences patient outcomes, clinical practice or the discipline of nursing. As a change leader and practice scholar, DNP-prepared nurses must collaborate with our research partners to bring discoveries to our practice and the patient bedside. It is through these partnerships that we can effectively influence care on a larger scale. 

His overall research interests include:  

  • Healthcare policy – embracing and encouraging political competency on the part of nurses 
  • Mental health access to care disparities – focus on veterans 
  • New graduate nurses transition to practice 
  • Utilization of evidence to improve the delivery of care 
  • Utilization of evidence to frame teaching and learning strategies 
  • Utilization of new and innovative technologies 

Projects supervised:  

  • DNP Project Chair (2023) - Utilization of High-Fidelity Simulation to Impact Confidence Assessment on New Graduate Nurses.  
  • DNP Project Chair (2023) – Use of Project RED to Influence Readmission of Heart Failure Patients. 
  • DNP Project Chair (2023) – Utilization of PHQ-9 Depression Screening Among Adolescents Ages 12-18 for the Early Identification and Treatment of Depression. 
  • DNP Project Chair (2023) – Early Identification and Treatment of Sepsis in an Emergency Department of a Large Rural Hospital. 


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  • Walsh, J., & LaRose, P. (2021). Translating Research into Clinical Practice. In Buttaro, T.M., Polgar-Bailey, P., Sandberg-Cook, J. & Trybulski, J. (Eds). Primary care: Interprofessional collaborative practice, sixth edition. Saint Louis, Missouri: Elsevier.  
  • LaRose, P. & Walsh, J. (2021). DNP Contributions to the future of Nursing Practice, Nursing Education, and Health Care Policy. In Bemker, M., Schreiner, B. & Ralyea, T. (Eds), The successful completion of your dnp project: A practical guide with exemplars (Chapter 2). Lancaster, Pennsylvania: DesTech Publication, Inc. 
  • LaRose, P. S. (2018). Population health: Making a difference in policy & nursing education for population health. In Bemker, M & Ralyea, C. (Eds.), Population health and its integration into advanced nursing practice (chapters 4 & 6). Lancaster, Pennsylvania: DEStech Publications, Inc. 
  • LaRose, P.S. (2016). An educational exemplar: e-mentoring: confidence intervention for senior nursing students preparing for readiness to practice & dnp contributions to the future of practice. In Bemker, M. & Schreiner, B. (Eds), Dnp degree capstone project: a practical guide (chapters 6 & 8). Lancaster, Pennsylvania: DEStech Publications, Inc. 

Teaching experience:

Dr. LaRose is approved through the content area requirements (CARs) to teach all the project-level courses in the DNP program and is currently working on approvals to teach in the competency-based RN to BSN program. 


  • 2019 – TEACH Honoree – Adtalem Global Education/Chamberlain University 


  • RN Licensure – Licensed to practice as an RN in Tennessee (Compact – Primary), The District of Columbia, and New York

Professional associations:

  • Member of the National League for Nursing 
  • Member of the American Organization of Nursing Leadership