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Online degrees and certificates in Texas

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As Texas projects a huge influx of new residents in the 2020s, the competition for jobs in the state may increase accordingly. For people who are considering online degrees and certificates in Texas for their post-secondary, graduate or undergraduate degrees, these next 10 years could offer the perfect opportunity. And for those hoping to find the right balance between life, work and educational advancement, the question becomes: Which degree(s) or certificate(s) offer the best shot at increasing a student’s chances of getting hired?

The University of Phoenix is an accredited university ( which delivers educational programs online, giving students greater flexibility to pursue a career of their choosing. If you’re a prospective post-secondary or graduate degree program student in Texas, and are currently researching your options for further education, read on to learn about the state’s most statistically in-demand programs and jobs, and how you can set yourself on a path toward one of them.

Online degree and certificate programs for Texas students

Texas-based students may be interested in preparing for opportunities with online Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business, Bachelor of Science in Management and Bachelor of Science in Health Administration degree programs. This interest is in keeping with the substantial new businesses moving into the state of Texas and the national increase in demand for healthcare workers. Complementing these shifts are entrepreneurs working to build their own companies using their backgrounds in business and business administration.

Of course, going back to school is always an option for people in Texas and elsewhere looking to hone their existing skills, explore opportunities or switch careers. In addition to an online Master of Business Administration degree program and those mentioned above, online accounting and nursing degree programs are also popular in Texas. Whether you already know which online degrees and certificates in Texas you want to pursue or are still thinking about it, speaking to an admissions officer is a great place to start while weighing your options.

Benefits of online education

Generally, an online-based education program offers some distinctive benefits, especially compared to schools that require in-person classes for all courses. At University of Phoenix, we understand that "life happens." Besides the obvious (like not having to commute long distances), an online education program can help students balance their obligations to their families, current employers and the degree or certificate program and school in which they’re enrolled.

On top of that, students who enroll in undergraduate or graduate online degrees and certificates in Texas at University of Phoenix have 24/7 access to online learning platforms. This can be helpful if a person’s schedule is highly inflexible, because it allows students to sign in to complete coursework, assignments, and discussion posts when their schedule permits, whenever that may be.

University of Phoenix offers more benefits as well. Students, for example enjoy fixed-price tuition and courses at affordable rates. Plus, as either an active student pursuing a degree program or graduate of our university, you automatically receive lifetime access to career services, including tools and resources to help you decide how and when to explore  career changes down the road.

Top programs in demand in Texas

Texas' market trends show a high interest in nursing, accounting and business management programs. Applicable, career-relevant education programs at the University of Phoenix include:

  • Master of Business Administration

Graduates who have earned a Master of Business Administration degree can potentially compete for a variety of jobs in the corporate world. As MBA holders, they have the potential to help their companies compete on a national or global level while also keeping employees motivated and reducing turnover. Some MBA holders are also tasked with judging risks and strategizing for departmental success.

Business students might earn an MBA in as little as 18 months through the University of Phoenix’s online degree program. The Master of Business Administration degree curriculum touches on a variety of topics, including corporate finance and management, business value creation and marketing, to name a few.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field for business operations specialists is a growing one, with a projected five- to seven-percent growth rate between 2019 and 2029. If you’d like more information on getting an MBA online, click here.

  • Bachelor of Science in Business

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree through the University of Phoenix, students enroll in a one , 5-week course at a time , and  prepare to learn about the crucial components of running a business. These might include topics like leadership and management skills development, marketing, finance and accounting, as well as courses on organizational behavior, ethics and American business law.

Students who graduate from our degree program often compete for management roles in a wide range of organizations, having developed a solid foundation in core business concepts while optionally customizing their degrees with certificates in entrepreneurship, data analytics or several other areas. Graduates of this degree program may end up monitoring a company’s internal departments to see how employees are working together and finding ways to improve efficiency, profits and morale.

Interested in online degrees and certificates in Texas? Then consider requesting more information, applying now or perusing the University of Phoenix website to learn more about core course requirements, electives and more.

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree

Some people are good with words, others are great with numbers. If you’re in the latter category, becoming an accountant may be one of your career goals. Since many accounting firms and major corporations require prospective accountants to hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting, consider looking into the University of Phoenix’s online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program.

Accounting program graduates may put their newfound accounting knowledge and principles to work on domestic and international transactions, tax preparation, audits of taxes, bookkeeping and other financial systems. If you’re interested in working toward an accounting degree, request information from the University of Phoenix today.

  • RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs

Students in this degree program at the University of Phoenix learn to manage healthcare resources, make informed clinical decisions and practice their nursing skills in a wide range of community and public health settings.

If you’re considering the path from being an RN to earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, contact the University of Phoenix admissions office or request information here.

Other programs and how to apply

In addition to the choices mentioned above, a wide variety of programs is available at the University of Phoenix, all of which are offered online. Simply click on a subject below to learn more about available programs and specialties, request additional information or take the first step toward your degree and enroll.

We make the admissions process simple. The first step to becoming a University of Phoenix student is to do one of the following:

Our enrollment team will review each prospective student’s background, including past higher education (completed or incomplete), real-world work history and financial statements. To find your desired program, click here. Or, learn more about our admissions process including how to request more information. See you in class!


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