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What is a Bachelor of Science in Business?

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You’re ready to make a big career change and are looking to gain new skills. Look no further than a Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree. Sometimes referred to as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a BSB can help prepare you for a wide range of management roles in a variety of organizations.

With a Bachelor of Science in Business, you can expect to gain a solid foundation of core business concepts to solve business problems and help organizations grow. In this program, you’ll learn skills that can be directly applied on the job, such as finance and accounting, business law and ethics, and leadership and management.

Why should you get a Bachelor of Science in Business degree?

A BSB degree can help you prepare for career growth and new opportunities. With a Bachelor of Science in Business degree, you can enhance your career, find a new role or gain practical skills that you can apply on the job. Plus, many BSB degree programs are online and can work around your schedule.

The program length for a BSB degree is approximately four years. Your course schedule may be shorter due to transferable credits or credits earned through work experience, military service or work certifications. While four years may seem like a long time to commit to a program, online programs can work around your schedule.

What can you do with a Bachelor of Science degree?

A BSB degree program provides the foundational skills needed to meet a variety of global business challenges. These skills can include project management, finance, marketing, accounting principles and entrepreneurship. You can use these skills to solve complex business problems, analyze operational workflows for improvement, lead teams and help grow your organization.

A BSB degree is an investment in your future. Employment in business administration and management occupations is projected to grow six percent between 2019 and 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is much faster than the average of all occupations.

An administrative services and facilities manager, for example, has a median annual salary of $96,940 with a projected five percent increase in employment between 2019 and 2029. BLS projections are not specific to students or graduates of University of Phoenix.

With a BSB, you can be a:

  • General Manager
  • Operations Director
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Plant Superintendent
  • Store Manager

What is the difference between a Bachelor of Science in Business degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Business?

A Bachelor of Science in business is more focused on a tactical education, while a Bachelor of Arts in Business is focused on a broader, more theoretical education. A BSB degree program focuses on more science or math courses, with a concentrated focus on developing practical skills. A B.A. degree program, on the other hand, focuses on humanities courses, including philosophy, history, or social sciences.

If you’re thinking about gaining specific skills related to your career or business, a Bachelor of Science in business may be the best fit for you. A BSB degree program prepares you for administrative roles by providing a foundational education in business concepts. It can also help you apply this knowledge within a leadership or management position.

The skills you learn in a BSB degree program can be used across a number of industries. They can also supplement the expertise you’ve gained over time. However, if you are looking for a Bachelor of Arts in Business, University of Phoenix only offers a BSB.

What will you learn in a BSB program?

BSB degree program coursework can vary, and we recommend exploring the specific degree programs of the colleges you’ve identified. In general, within a Bachelor of Science in Business degree, you can expect to learn how to operate a business at scale, help an organization grow and analyze how to help areas within an organization work better together.

Classes may help you develop decision-making and management skills you can use in a business setting. These can include logistics, global business operations, leadership, entrepreneurship, project management, accounting and marketing.

Students may learn how to integrate business concepts to advance organizational goals. They can also learn how to analyze interrelationships among functional areas of an organization.

Some programs also offer certificate options. You can take additional classes to earn a certificate in project management, marketing, human resources management, and financial planning.

Many universities offer in-person and online BSB degree programs. If you’re looking for a more flexible program that works with your schedule, consider an online program.

Where to get a Bachelor of Science in Business degree online?

Many universities offer a BSB degree program either fully or partly online. When choosing the right degree program, consider whether the coursework and schedule are flexible enough to fit into your life, especially if you’re working. Some students prefer in-person classes, but a fully online program allows you to learn whenever and wherever you want.

Learn more about how the University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Business program fits into the lives of busy students.

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