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The information provides an overview of salary, education, experience, and current and recent hiring trends nationally and by geographic area for this occupation and its related job titles - as well as the available positions in the selected area over the last 12 months based on job postings that specify this information.

Salary Range

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Education Typically Required by Employers

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Experience Typically Required by Employers

Web Designer positions typically require completion of one or more of the following degree programs



Minimum degree level required in job postings nationwide

This chart reflects the minimum degree employers will accept. Employers will often prefer completion of a higher level degree for applicants without significant work experience. Similarly, employers will often allow significant work experience to substitute for their minimum degree requirement.


Employers may give preference to applicants who have earned one or more of the following certifications

Required skills data for this occupation are based on positions advertised nationally over the last 12 months.

  • Specialized
  • Software
  • Foundation
  • Successful Candidates

The specialized skills that are specific to this specific occupation or occupational family.

All technology-related skills, both basic and occupationally specific, that most employers require in their hiring criteria.

The core or basic skills needed to perform tasks across a wide range of occupations.

Successful candidates for this occupation have shown these others skills on their resumes.



      • Web Designer
      • UI/UX Designer
      • Webmaster / Administrator
      • Artist / Illustrator
      • Multimedia Designer / Animator

      *This information shows common career paths. However, not all of these transitions will show career advancement because people pursue new opportunities for a wide variety of reasons.

      This category displays jobs that require similar education and/or skills to the selected occupation.

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