Phoenix Career and Coaching Center

Phoenix Main Campus offers complimentary career coaching

Change is a certainty — whether you’re working in business, education, health care or information systems. New jobs and technologies can create great opportunities, and possible confusion about the best direction your career should take.

The Phoenix Career and Coaching Center is designed to help students and alumni who are just starting out, who want to explore new careers or are looking for a promotion by:

  • Clarifying career goals
  • Designing a career plan
  • Connecting education to jobs
  • Guiding the creation of impactful resumés and cover letters
  • Providing advice on interviews and salary negotiation
  • Developing a list of possible employers and professional networks

In addition, career and success coaches can help students with writing and math assistance, research advice and more.

Our career coaches follow a coaching method based on researched best practices. After assessing your needs, they’ll find resources to help you achieve your career goals and follow your path to success.

To contact the Phoenix Career and Coaching Center please email or call 866.651.9038.


About the Phoenix Main Campus

Established in January 2012, the Phoenix Main Campus or Sperling Center for Educational Innovation houses the latest in educational technology. In addition to a real-time electronic map in the Student Resource Center of students logging in to their online classrooms, the nursing simulation lab and high-definition briefing room can help students experience a higher level of learning.

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