Teacher licensure

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Steps to Initial Teacher Licensure

Basic Skills Exam
Specific states may require a passing score on a basic skills exam to be eligible for initial teacher licensure. These exams assess the candidates’ knowledge of the fundamental skills required to become a successful teacher.
Fingerprint/ Background Clearance
Fingerprint and background clearances are required by both University of Phoenix and state law.
Content Knowledge Exam
This examination assesses the teacher candidate’s mastery of their core content area.
Clinical Experience
Teacher candidates are required to enter classroom settings throughout their program to observe instructors and participate in the teaching process.
Student Teaching
A capstone to our teacher preparation programs, teacher candidates are able to experience teaching first-hand with the guidance of a mentor teacher in a local partnered district.
Professional Knowledge Exam
This examination evaluates the teacher candidate’s knowledge of effective and current educational practices and theory.

Teacher licensure requirements vary by state.

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