College of Information Systems and Technology FAQs

Get your questions answered about the College of Information Systems and Technology programs, teaching methods, as well as IT job outlooks.

We provide an innovative learning experience in all of our degree programs that combines academic theory with practical application. A number of courses in our College of Information Systems and Technology degree programs teach hands-on technical skills as applied to business problems. Each course covers the technical concepts appropriate to the course content and provides you with practical ways to use technology in a business environment. You’ll learn hands-on technical skills utilizing your own computers or ones to which you have access to. This approach replicates a professional work environment and enables you to access your computer on your own schedule.

Your personal computer is your lab. Since all University of Phoenix students are required to have a computer or access to one to complete their education, most of our computer labs are virtual. This gives you the flexibility and convenience to work at your own schedule and in your own setting. This approach is similar to today's distributed and portable professional work environment where people use their computers at the office, home and when traveling. Plus, you’ll own the software and hardware on which you learn and can demonstrate what you have created during the course of your programs.

Computer labs are common in vocational/technical training institutions, community colleges and continuing education departments. In that environment, specific hands-on skills, such as word processing, are taught. Information systems and technology degree programs at University of Phoenix are not vocationally/technically focused. Instead, we apply theory to business and enable you to develop skills that are career building and not simply hands-on training.
You’ll learn to use current computer software tools in the completion of your course assignments. Additionally, you’ll be exposed to University of Phoenix virtual organizations. These are realistic electronic environments for businesses, schools, health care and government organizations that give you practical knowledge in a real-world work setting. You’ll be able to access fictitious, confidential and proprietary data that would otherwise be unavailable. This allows you to research and study companies on a level that is more indicative of what you will face in the real world.

Technology employment is still growing. The use of information technology is critical in every industry and is creating a continuous need for skilled workers. Graduates with information technology skills are in demand for departments such as marketing, operations, training, sales and accounting. These departments are looking for employees who not only understand information systems but can work with the technology as well. Recent graduates often play an important role in defining how information technology should be applied in their respective areas of the business. If you were to perform a search on employment web sites with phrases such “information technology,” “web design,” and “information systems” for your geographic area, you’re likely to find a number of job opportunities.

Most outsourcing involves writing computer programs. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programs at University of Phoenix do not focus on coding. Instead, these programs focus on analysis and design of technical solutions to address business problems for which there is a high need for employees based in the United States. Many jobs and software applications previously sent offshore are now being brought back to the home organization in order to maintain control over the business applications.

As businesses continue to rely on technology to meet their goals, a greater emphasis is being placed on business managerial skills with an understanding of information technology. Conventional educational programs are slanted toward the technical side of information technology while the Master of Information Systems program at University of Phoenix focuses on the management side of information technology usage. Find out more about our Master of Information Systems graduate degree program.

The Master of Information Systems degree program is ideal if you’re looking to expand your opportunities in the information technology management career field. If you have a bachelor's degree, but want to manage an IT department or are being asked to coordinate the IT resources of a company, this would also be a great program for you. Great MIS candidates also include enterprise managers or business students with some background in IT who want to fully understand the strategic importance of information technology.

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