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Satisfy two required doctoral courses while working toward your master’s degree with our doctoral bridge classes.

Doctoral Bridge Course Opportunities for Master’s Degree Students

Have you ever considered a doctoral degree in your future? You may be able to save time and money with doctoral bridge courses. The School of Advanced Studies is now helping you take your master’s degree one step further by providing you the opportunity to earn credits toward your doctoral degree while in your master’s degree.

By substituting graduate level courses with designated doctoral level courses, you could satisfy up to two (2) required courses within a doctoral degree program.

If you pursue the applicable doctoral degree program after finishing your master’s degree, you’ll already be two steps ahead of the game.

Key Points

  • You must earn a B- or better in the doctoral level Courses in order to apply them toward the doctoral program. If you earn less than a B- in a doctoral level Course, it could still be applied toward your master’s degree, but will not be applicable to the doctoral program.
  • Your schedules may need to be adjusted to fit the doctoral bridge class availability.
  • Doctoral classes are eight (8) weeks long, while master's degree classes are six (6) weeks long.
  • If you take two (2) doctoral bridge classes within your master's degree program and pursue the applicable doctoral degree program, you'll have effectively lengthened your master's degree by approximately four (4) weeks of instruction time and shortened your doctoral degree by approximately sixteen (16) weeks of instruction time.

Master’s degrees that could include doctoral bridge courses are:

Note: Not every student will be eligible and/or able to enroll in doctoral bridge classes. Individual situations will vary. Contact a university representative for more information.

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