About Our Doctoral Faculty

When you earn your degree from the School of Advanced Studies, you will find faculty members who bring strong backgrounds of educational achievement and professional experience to each class. They combine proven academic theory with practical experience to strengthen the lessons you learn as a scholar to emerge or grow as a leader.

Become an Expert by Learning from the Experts

School of Advanced Studies faculty are professionals in their fields. You will be learning from the people with insight into your industry. Faculty have strong backgrounds of academic achievement and professional experience and can share their unique perspectives with you throughout your program.

Doctoral faculty members are selected by a thorough search process that establishes their record in research and dissertation mentoring, work experience, and practical success in their teaching field. Following initial selection, prospective faculty members engage in training, mentoring, and evaluation phases before final approval.

The Faculty Selection Process


  • A minimum of five years of work experience in their teaching field
  • Current, full-time employment in their teaching field


  • An initial two-week training program focuses on the online learning format and skills for facilitating discussion-oriented classes
  • An additional two-week program focuses specifically on the expectations for scholarship and leadership in the School of Advanced Studies
  • Certification training is provided for dissertation mentors
  • Upon successful completion and final approval, candidates may be invited to join the doctoral faculty body

Continual Improvement and Evaluation

  • During their first doctoral course, new faculty members are mentored by a seasoned faculty member
  • Faculty members are evaluated on specific performance criteria and receive feedback from doctoral learners and other faculty and staff members
  • Professional development through attendance at workshops, participation in professional conferences, and the publication of research is strongly encouraged

Receiving a quality education is inherently reflected by the quality of an institution’s faculty. The strength of University of Phoenix faculty resides in their formal educational background, as well as their practical experience in the workplace. They have the ability to understand and convey the essential concepts of each discipline to learners who live and work in a global, diverse, and technological society.


Doctoral Dissertations

As a University of Phoenix learner, writing your doctoral dissertation can be a rewarding—and life-changing—experience.

Doctoral programs require three- to eight-day residencies in select cities. Please contact a University enrollment representative for details.

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