Scholar, Practitioner, Leader Model

The Scholar, Practitioner, Leader ModelSM is the educational framework used by the School of Advanced Studies.

Become the leader who influences and inspires

The Scholar, Practitioner, Leader Model can be found in all doctoral programs and focuses on your development as a scholar-leader who enriches the world, starting with your community. This innovative and dynamic model focuses on supporting lifelong learning (scholarship), social and workplace contribution (practice), and the ability to exert positive influence (leadership) in your academic, professional and personal life.

Throughout your doctoral courses, you will incorporate the concepts of scholarship, practice and leadership to help you better understand and make a positive impact, in your field. To take this understanding beyond theory, this learning model also gives you the opportunity to put these concepts into practice through group discussions, residencies and the dissertation.

By participating in classroom dialogue, conducting original research and integrating theoretical and application-based knowledge, this model can help expand your understanding of how leaders can influence and inspire.

Learn with the Scholar, Practitioner, Leader Model at the School of Advanced Studies.

Doctoral programs require three- to eight-day residencies in select cities. Please contact a University enrollment representative for details.

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