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Research and Statistics in Human Services




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Course level: Undergraduate

This course provides an overview of research methods and appropriate use of statistics in the social sciences. A component of program development and evaluation involves knowledge of theory related to understanding research and statistics in the human services arena. The scientific method, research tools, data collection, and analysis will be reviewed. Understanding research and developing the ability to critically evaluate published research reports will be emphasized. Statistical concepts will be reviewed, and students will gain a conceptual understanding of underlying principles of research and statistical analysis. Statistical software will be introduced, and students will compute descriptive and inferential statistical data. Students will practice developing research designs and conducting statistical analyses.

What you'll learn

Course skills and outcomes

Week 1

  • Define appropriate academic research.
  • Identify periodicals that describe academic research studies related to human services management.
  • Discuss important ethical issues in research.
  • Apply the scientific method to the field of human services management.
  • Describe quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Week 2

  • Identify legitimate research problems.
  • Create a literature review of a research proposal.
  • Discuss the scales of measurement used in research.
  • Discuss the fundamentals of sampling.
  • Identify ways to obtain representative quality data for research.

Week 3

  • Evaluate the types of descriptive research designs.
  • Describe the types of research designs that can determine cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Discuss the use of descriptive statistics in research.

Week 4

  • Describe the purpose and importance of evaluation in research.
  • Describe formative and summative types of research evaluations.
  • Discuss the use of inferential statistics in research.

Week 5

  • Write a research proposal.
  • Interpret results of basic descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • Apply basic applications of conducting statistics using Microsoft® Excel® software.


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