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Calculus II

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This course examines integral calculus topics. Students are presented with integration techniques for functions of one variable and more applications of definite integrals. Students explore numerical techniques of integration. Students also examine the area function, Riemann sums and indefinite integrals, and apply these to real-life problems. The course concludes with the fundamental theorem of calculus.

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Credits: 4
Continuing education units: XX
Professional development units: XX
Duration: 7

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    Transcendental Functions

    • Use L’Hopital’s rule to differentiate indeterminant rational functions.
    • Integrate inverse trigonometric functions and hyperbolic functions.
    • Solve exponential rates of growth problems.
    • Differentiate inverse trigonometric functions and hyperbolic functions.

    Graphing and Applications

    • Simplify an integration problem using integration by parts.
    • Apply product, quotient, and chain rules to compute integrals of various functions.
    • Integrate trigonometric functions.
    • Integrate using substitution with rational and trigonometric functions.

    Calculus II Concept Review

    • Apply the concepts presented in this course.


    • Use partial fractions to simplify integration of rational functions.
    • Estimate integrals with the Trapezoidal rule and Simpson’s rule.
    • Solve improper integrals.
    • Use integral tables to solve problems.

    Integration and Application of Integrals

    • Describe the relationship between derivatives and integrals (Fundamental Theorem of Calculus).  
    • Solve indefinite integrals.
    • Use integral calculus to determine volumes, lengths of plane curves, and surface areas.
    • Integrate to find work and fluid forces.
    • Calculate moments and centers of mass using integration.
    • Use substitution to evaluate definite integrals.
    • Use definite integrals to find the area between two curves.
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