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You want to get to work keeping the world safe — from terrorism, bioterrorism, cybercrime — even trouble on the daily commute. Earn a security degree and do it one course at a time. You can choose from a range of customized programs helping you earn your security management degree and many of the offerings include a certificate program.  

The courses offered in our on-campus and online security degree and cybersecurity information technology programs are designed and taught by faculty with years of experience in law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, defense and other specialties pertaining to security, so you get relevant education.



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We offer many security programs of varying levels and certificate options:




Associate of Arts in Security Management:

You’ll learn to apply security practices that enhance the corporate business model through the use of workplace safety, loss prevention strategies, ethical applications and corporate communication skills. Many graduates who complete this degree choose to become correctional officers or sergeants, custody assistants, jail officers, detention officers and detention deputies. This online security degree program prepares you to:

  • Employ current security, management and leadership theories and evidence-based practices
  • Conduct and apply threat assessments and risk analysis, manage integrated physical security systems
  • Appropriately identify and implement the ongoing evaluation of security measures
  • Manage corporate investigations through applied investigative interviewing methodologies, case management and evidence collection




Associate of Arts in Security Management with Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Certificate:

The curriculum in this online security degree program is designed to help graduates become canine officers, patrolmen, police specialists, railroad police officers and transit police officers. The Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Certification portion allows you to take core classes before graduating, so you can use the skills you learn while continuing your education. This program is aligned to security industry standards relating to:

  • Client relations
  • Corporate security practices
  • Enterprise risk mitigation
  • Laws and regulations
  • Personnel management
  • Security ethics and technology
  • Workplace safety





Bachelor of Science in Security Management:

In this online security degree program you’ll focus on the security of the infrastructures critical to organizational and government agencies. If you complete this degree, you might want to go into a protective service occupation or supervise those in protective services. You’ll cover:

  • Threat assessment
  • Communication networks
  • Transportation and utility delivery systems
  • Financial transactions
  • Intellectual property
  • The protection and integrity of products and global supply chains
  • Homeland security programs
  • Critical incident response to natural and manmade catastrophic events




Bachelor of Science in Security Management with an Advanced Cyber Security Certificate:

The certification portion of the security management degree program can help prepare you for key industry certifications from companies like CompTIA®, (ISC)2® and ISACA®. You may want to work as an information security analyst after completing this degree. You’ll learn about topics such as:

  • Cryptography
  • Information assurance
  • Enterprise security
  • Risk management
  • Systems audit control




Bachelor of Science in Security Management with a Critical Incident Response Certificate:

This program will help you identify and describe key components of business operations and continuity, client relations, and corporate security management methodologies. Those who complete this degree may want to go into in the Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement or other related protective service careers and emergency response directors. The security degree program covers:

  • How to coordinate disaster response and crisis management
  • The implementation of regulatory policies and procedures to ensure that regulatory compliance is maintained or enhanced
  • Compliance investigations
  • Creating and implementing security standards, policies and procedures
  • Determining liability and loss prevention risk
  • The supervision and coordination of multiple units




Bachelor of Science in Security Management with an Enterprise Security Administration Certificate:

You’ll prepare for security work in individual, organization and government agencies in this online program. Those who complete this program may plan and direct disaster response or crisis management activities, supervise firefighters or direct an organization’s security functions including the physical security and safety of employees, facilities and assets. The certificate program portion includes the fundamentals in business, personnel, physical and cybersecurity and is designed to align with the ASIS International's Certified Protection Professional (CPP)® certification exam and is available without any additional fees.  In this security management degree program you’ll learn the basics of:

  • Communication networks
  • White collar crime
  • The protection of products
  • Homeland security





Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security:

It will help you prepare for management and executive roles in the police force, operations and security and is taught by leaders in both public and private industries. You can earn up to nine credits for your FBI National Academy Association Training and Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP) credit. In this security degree program, you'll also study important areas such as:

  • Cybercrime
  • Forensics
  • Public policy
  • Profiling



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