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Pursuing your doctorate degree is a worthwhile venture, helping you expand your knowledge and become a leader in your chosen field. Selecting the right program is an important but challenging part of the process. This is especially true for learners at the doctoral level, who often have professional obligations and busy lives.

University of Phoenix offers online doctoral programs that are flexible and convenient, allowing you to work towards your degree from anywhere. Join our robust community of scholars to share ideas and research in a supportive environment. We also offer challenging programs which utilize our unique Scholar-Practitioner-LeaderSM Model. Expand your knowledge, develop additional skills and gain valuable experience as you work towards your academic, professional and leadership goals.

University of Phoenix offers many doctoral programs to help you rise to your leadership potential. Some areas of interest for doctoral students includes business, education, nursing and information technology. Explore all of the online doctoral degree programs offered by our School of Advanced Studies.

This online program requires brief residencies in select locations. This program is not available to residents of all states. Please contact a University Enrollment Representative for details.

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Convenient online doctorate programs

University of Phoenix makes it possible for busy working adults to get the degree they need.

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Doctoral journey

0:01 I am pursuing a degree in a Doctorate in Health Administration.
0:04 Doctor of Management and Organizational Leadership.
0:06 Doctoral student in the educational program.
0:08 Doctorate of Health Administration.
0:09 Doctor of Management and Organizational Leadership in Information Systems and Technology.
0:14 Health care administration.
0:15 I think before you start this journey, you really need to be able to let go of the fear because I think fear is something that stops people from moving ahead, thinking that they’re in one position and they have to stay there forever, or that they’re too old or they don’t have enough money or they don’t have enough time, and you can overcome all of those fears.
0:36 Well, one of the things I appreciated about the University of Phoenix program is the SPL model, the Scholar Practitioner Leader model.
0:42 It really teaches the students that there’s a responsibility that we have that comes with a degree.
0:49 It’s not just a degree.
0:51 It’s not just a body of knowledge that we have worked to contribute to.
0:55 It’s our responsibility now to continue to give back to the community.
0:59 That leadership role is so important, and so that really colors the way I approach work.
1:06 It colors the way I approach hobbies.
1:10 It approaches the way I approach volunteerism.
1:13 It really makes me think about how I’m contributing to the community I work in and live in.
1:18 When I look back at the opportunities that I’ve gotten from graduating from the University of Phoenix and having a doctorate, it has opened a lot of doors as far as my acceptance with peer review journals.
1:30 I’ve had 13 publications in the past two years.
1:34 I’m a peer reviewer, and I’m also an academic editor with Medicine, which is an international medical journal.
1:43 It’s also opened some doors for private consulting, public speaking.
1:48 I was a national speaker for the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Hawaii, and also presented to the Japanese Society in South Korea.
1:57 All of that work actually came from my dissertation.
2:00 I think it’s just so apropos to rise. 2:04 We do rise.
2:06 We were someone when we first entered the program, and when we left, it was like a rebirth, and we’re so much better.
2:15 I feel like I’m so much better, so much more knowledgeable, so much more patient, so much more engaged and confident as a result of being at Phoenix.

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Doctoral FAQ

University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies -- Doctoral Degree Overview

00:00:07 The students that come to University of Phoenix show an interest in changing the world from the very first class.
00:00:14 The mission of the School of Advanced Studies is ultimately focused on helping doctoral-degree-seeking students help make amazing things happen in their organizations and their communities.
00:00:22 The School of Advanced Studies is working to develop tomorrow’s leaders at the organizational level.
00:00:28 The programs cultivate the whole idea of leadership in the doctoral students.
00:00:32 It’s not only a scholarly kind of leadership, but it’s a leadership in practice.
00:00:38 The University of Phoenix and the School of Advanced Studies does a remarkable job with translating what is needed in the marketplace and what is needed in the community of scholars.
00:00:49 It’s not reciting back information.
00:00:51 It’s taking that information from a variety of sources, as wide as you can, to get as many different opinions as you can, turning that into a practical application that you can use on a daily basis.
00:01:02 It’s applied to wherever you are.
00:01:05 Some people mistakenly think that technology serves to make up for the spaces between people, and I would argue that, in fact, we’ve used technology to bring people closer together than they ever would’ve been, even if they were face to face.
00:01:17 The School of Advanced Studies has been incredibly supportive.
00:01:20 They’re very sensitive to the fact that we’re full-time working people, most of us, with families and obligations, and they want it to work for us.
00:01:30 University of Phoenix brought the whole world right to my fingertips, right at my computer, and I love that.
00:01:38 The students are gonna complete research that will differentiate him or her from every other person on this planet.
00:01:44 They will be the expert in that area.
00:01:47 It’s not an easy process.
00:01:48 The bottom line is I’m aspiring to have basically the highest degree that you can get anywhere from an institution that essentially stands very high.
00:01:58 When you walk out of here, you feel like you’ve really achieved something important.
00:02:01 You end up in so many ways being not only a better human being, but you have greater skills to take with you into the workplace.
00:02:08 I think a number of students would probably testify a doctoral degree will change your life.
00:02:14 It’s making a difference in the real world.

Through my coursework and collaboration with my professors and peers, I began to delve deeper into educational leadership. The knowledge I gained made all the difference.

Interested in earning your doctorate?

University of Phoenix offers a wide range of programs designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge it takes to succeed. You can select from a range of online doctoral degree programs to match your professional and academic goals. All of our degree and certificate programs are created with the needs of the working adult in mind, so you can pursue your academic even with a busy schedule.

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