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You’re well-versed in technology, business-minded and are interested in how systems work, so an information systems degree may be the right choice for you. You’ll have the opportunity to take one course at a time at an accredited university, learning the material thoroughly and at a flexible pace in our campus and online information system degree programs.

Our distinguished information systems degree programs have the following benefits:

  • Instructors have an average of 25 years of professional experience.
  • Instructors have an average of 12 years of UOPX teaching experience.
  • Customize your on-campus and online information systems degrees.
  • Qualifying undergraduates can take their first three weeks of class risk-free, so they can feel confident in their decision.

If you can envision yourself making important long-term business decisions regarding technology or designing computer-based information systems, a campus or online information systems degree allowing you to study one subject at a time may be right for you.



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We offer programs of varying levels:




Bachelor of Science in Information Technology:

You’ll learn how to apply fundamental IT concepts to support and improve the internal systems in your organization’s IT department.  This on-campus and online program aligns with industry standards from companies, like Oracle, Microsoft, and EC-Council depending on how you customize your program. You’ll also gain insight on implementing effective information systems through systems analysis and design – as well as learning about:

  • Implementation, integration and maintenance for IT applications
  • Databases
  • Networking technologies
  • Project management standards
  • Website development
  • Design and development of computer programs





Master of Information Systems:

Students who graduate with a Master in Information Systems often pursue careers as information systems, data processing or technical services managers. You’ll gain a strong level of knowledge on how to bridge the gap between technology and business management within your organization and community; as well as how to develop and manage information systems within an organization. This program covers a wide array of advanced information technology concepts including:

  • Development of key roles, resources, operation metrics and risk responses needed to implement and maintain information systems
  • Addressing regulations, compliance and security issues within your organization
  • How to generation a vision, direction and strategic purpose for the creation of an information systems project



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The College of Information Systems and Technology is a driving force behind our successful information systems degree programs. Instructors incorporate their relevant experience into the classroom and incorporate real-world examples into their lesson plans. You’ll become part of our family of nearly 1 million University of Phoenix alumni upon graduation.

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