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Whether you dream of designing websites or creating software, turn your dream into a reality with the educational tools you’ll get from earning a software developer degree. You’ll take one 5-week class at a time and tailor your degree by taking electives you find compelling and suit your distinct needs. You can save time and money by transferring credits previously earned and have credit for work relevant experience evaluated for potential credit. The curricula in these programs is approved by a group of industry professionals, so you can feel confident you’re learning relevant, up-to-date content in an evolving technological world.

Save time and money on commuting by earning your software developer degree online. You'll study at an accredited university, follow along with lectures and access coursework anywhere you have an internet connection. You have outside obligations, we get it, which is why earning your degree online offers you flexibility when balancing work with your home life.

Depending on the level of education achieved, many students who graduate with these degrees pursue careers as software developers, engineers and consultants; application developers; IT analysts; and technical consultants.



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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Advanced Software Developer Certificate:

Get exposure to real-life networking scenarios through hands-on labs and simulations in this program offered online and on campus. It covers a complete range of software application development topics including mobile programming, software architecture and modern application programming languages. This will help you develop sought-after critical-thinking and leadership skills. You’ll learn:

  • Software Engineering
  • Learn Java, C++, and .NET languages
  • Build and test software solutions
  • Design of systems, components or processes for business and technology programs



Why Phoenix?

The College of Information Systems and Technology is an essential force behind our software developer degree programs. The faculty in the College of Information Systems and Technology average more than 20 years’ professional experience — with more than 70 percent of instructors having worked for a Fortune 1000 company or subsidiary.

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Tailor your degree to your needs and interests by selecting from a list of electives to help fulfill your degree requirements.


Since 1978, University of Phoenix has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and its predecessor.

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