Carlos Ramirez

By using disadvantage to his advantage, Carlos earned two degrees and created better opportunities for himself and his family.

Every struggle you face helps shape who you are as a person. For Carlos Ramirez, facing adversity worked in his favor — it taught him that he could achieve anything.

When Carlos was 14, he and his family came to the United States, searching for a better life. Carlos, his three siblings and his parents settled into a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Imperial Valley, California — far from the middle class lifestyle he was used to in Mexico. As difficult as the adjustment was, Carlos threw himself into advanced English courses, made friends fast and learned American customs — learning the power of charm and charisma in his determination to fit in.

Carlos continued to use disadvantage to his advantage throughout his upbringing. By caring for three younger siblings when his parents worked late, he not only learned compassion, but also leadership. Working odd jobs to help his family taught him the value of a dollar as well as the power of work ethic.

After high school, Carlos earned his RN license and fought for an early promotion, admittedly, before he was ready for it. His drive not only earned him more opportunity, but also showed him the fruits of ambition. He had the determination, but what Carlos needed was the time and the education to prepare for his future in nurse management.

Carlos needed a college that would allow him to work full-time while earning his degree, so he enrolled in University of Phoenix. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then his Master of Science in Nursing — and he hasn’t stopped there. Carlos is currently working toward his doctorate at University of Phoenix, while teaching nursing students twice a week at the local hospital. He was never one to tackle a single task at a time.

While Carlos has faced adversity early in his life, he’s used that adversity to become stronger. Like a Phoenix, he rose above every challenge he faced and was built by what he overcame. Our community of alumni is nearly one million strong and each student’s success story is as inspiring as the next. We’re inspired every day by their determination to create a better future for themselves. We rise as a community — we rise together.

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