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One Million Strong — University of Phoenix’s One Million Alumni Making an Impact on the World

By University of Phoenix

Phoenix alumni offer inspiration to millions more who stood by their side in support

PHOENIX, April 12, 2018 — University of Phoenix, founded in 1976 with just eight students in a small classroom, has reached a major milestone among American institutions of higher learning: one million alumni.

For more than four decades, University of Phoenix has provided access to higher education to individuals looking to pursue career enhancement or professional development, expanding opportunities for a variety of underserved student communities along the way. The University’s alumni, now one million strong, are proof of the power of higher education to change lives for the better. Together, they tell more than a million stories of dedication, persistence and the will to overcome any challenge and any setback in search of one’s life goals.

These individuals have triumphed through their own incredible hard work and perseverance, but also through the remarkable support of family, friends and loved ones throughout their journeys. Whether raising families, working full-time to support themselves and others, or taking the momentous step of becoming the first in their family to pursue higher education, these million alumni have in turn become inspiring examples to those around them.

“This remarkable achievement truly belongs to all those determined students, now alumni, who knew the potential inside themselves all along and who were determined to make a difference in their own lives and in the world at large,” said University of Phoenix president Peter Cohen.

“When Dr. John Sperling founded University of Phoenix more than 40 years ago, he was embarking on a revolutionary experiment. He had already built a distinguished career as an educator and a trailblazer, but he recognized that there was a need for an entirely new kind of institution of higher learning,” added Cohen. “He fought to bring higher education to those who had been turned away or overlooked by other institutions. He built a University that has fearlessly innovated new ways to reach working adult students and make college a reality that fits their needs and their lives. And today, universities around the world have followed Dr. Sperling’s example and pushed to make higher education more accessible to any who seek to pursue it.”

The road to this milestone has relied on the combined efforts of countless faculty members, employees and students. Through it all, the entire University of Phoenix community has come to appreciate the importance of collaboration and collective support in accomplishing great things. And now, with one million alumni and many more to come, that lesson will continue to be shared with future generations across the nation.

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