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University of Phoenix Professional Development Provides Webinar on Effective Skill Development Strategies for Employee Training

By Sharla Hooper

November 7 webinar led by Dr. Michael Kolodziej helps employers with practical strategies for identifying and addressing skills gaps in an organization

University of Phoenix Professional Development is pleased to lead a Chief Learning Officer (CLO) webinar for workplace leaders on how to identify and address skills gaps that may exist within an organization and the evolving job market. The webinar, “Closing Skills Gaps: Crafting and Evaluating Effective Skill Development Strategies for Employee Training,” will be led by Michael Kolodziej, Ed.D., MBA, director, Educational Programming and Development in Professional Development at University of Phoenix, on Tuesday, November 7, 2:00pm ET.  

According to University of Phoenix Career Institute® 2023 Career Optimism Index® study, even though 29% of employers say they don’t invest in reskilling/upskilling programs because of limited employee interest and lack of time/resources for hands-on training programs, 70% of Americans say if their company gave them more opportunities to apply new skills, they would be more likely to stay throughout their career.

“Employers can tap into workers’ desires to be challenged to learn new skills and take on new roles,” states Kolodziej. “In a world of evolving skills and dynamic workplaces, it’s important to bridge the gap between learning and practice. Join me for a discussion into how to identify and address skills gaps that may exist within your organization.”

Kolodziej serves as Director of Educational Program Development for University of Phoenix, developing a Skills Center of non-college-credit Professional Development training to help employers deliver career-focused skills through online learning programs and help learners enhance their careers. He is the founder and Lead Nerd at Instructional Designerd, an independent Learning Design and Innovation Consultancy, based in San Diego, CA.

This webinar is designed to benefit business operations by providing essential knowledge and practical strategies required to foster a highly skilled and adaptable workforce.  Workplace leadership will have the opportunity to explore how addressing skills gaps can improve productivity and performance, employee retention and satisfaction, workforce skills, adaptability and innovation as well as tangible aspects such as cost savings identified through measurable outcomes.

In the webinar, workplace leadership learners will:

  • Distinguish skills from knowledge and why it matters
  • Effectively identify skills gaps within an organization and the marketplace
  • Assess skills for a team to make the greatest impact
  • Develop the most appropriate skills based on organizational objectives and three domains of learning (cognitive, affective and psychomotor)
  • Discover strategies for skill development to enhance team performance

Professional Development training is available online through University of Phoenix’s innovative learning platform, allowing busy working adult learners to access training conveniently and at their own pace. Participants will receive certificates of completion from University of Phoenix.

Learn more here about Professional Development online training at University of Phoenix.

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