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University of Phoenix digital diploma supports graduates in sharing achievements to career networks

By Sharla Hooper

Student graduates can claim their digital diploma and share immediately to online platforms

University of Phoenix now provides all student graduates with digital diplomas as well as the traditional print diploma. Digital diplomas allow new graduates to share their degree achievements on digital platforms and job boards. The University issued 6,690 digital diplomas between September 2021 and November 2021.

While most institutions provide at least one digital credential service in the form of transcripts, the University of Phoenix is among the leaders in higher education providing digital credentials in the form of diplomas and badges. According to survey findings by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), only 7% of higher education institutions are currently providing digital diplomas.

“The digital diploma meets the needs of our working adult graduates who are using online networking sites, job boards, and digital platforms to communicate their achievements and career goals,” states John Woods, provost and chief academic officer of University of Phoenix. “We are pleased to see how our graduates have found it both useful and inspirational, and are sharing their digital diplomas to tell the story of their academic journeys.”

Digital diplomas allow for the immediate delivery of the credential upon conferral, immediate validation, and unlimited sharing of the digital diploma on professional and social networks, helping in the pursuit of career opportunities. The student receives a permanent link to a verifiable web document which they can share on digital platforms and networking sites, and present to an employer, an association, or for further academic study, allowing the authenticity of the diploma to be verified.

University of Phoenix graduates have posted their digital diploma on platforms such as LinkedIn® to celebrate with colleagues and share their stories of commitment, overcoming barriers, and excitement for new opportunities. “A digital diploma is a great way to give former undergraduates a feeling of satisfaction that they are officially a University of Phoenix Graduate!” shared Alejandro Lara, who completed his Bachelor of Science in Business with an Operations Management Certificate in 2021.

Additionally, graduates have found it specifically useful in their current workspace: “I’m so excited to get my digital diploma for a project at work,” shared Bettina Wright, who completed her Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Nurse Administration in 2021.

LinkedIn® is a trademark of the LinkedIn Corporation.

Learn more about University of Phoenix digital diplomas here.

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