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University of Phoenix leaders participating in regional higher education conference

By Sharla Hooper

University of Phoenix administrative leaders are attending the UPCEA 2021 Regions Week conference, October 18-21, 2021. The conference will be held in a no-fee virtual format for its members. The conference is an opportunity for individuals in professional and continuing education positions at institutions of higher education across the country to educate, inform, and network together, sharing findings from research and from process in praxis.

Higher education institutions have undergone significant transition during the pandemic, and the conference explores the opportunities university administrations have to transform process and practice in order to make systems more accessible and equitable.

Emily Breuker, associate provost of faculty engagement at University of Phoenix, will be co-presenting with colleagues at other institutions on the topic of faculty development during Covid-19 pandemic. “This is a collaborative session exploring the various ways University of Phoenix and other institutions engaged with faculty during Covid-19 to promote their development,” Ms. Breuker shares. “We will be looking at our different approaches as well as the technology, tools, systems, structures and processes, and content that universities can consider.”

Hal Morgan, senior director of accreditation and online education at University of Phoenix, will be moderating during an Awards Live Conversation with awards recipients. Mr. Morgan serves as the UPCEA West Region Board Member-at-Large and the West Region Awards Committee co-chair.

Alexandra Escobar, director of programmatic accreditation and regulatory compliance, and Saray Lopez, director of student diversity and inclusion at University of Phoenix, will be co-presenting on institutional and program perspectives of how to foster community and belonging for non-traditional college students and part-time faculty. “We wanted to highlight how large-scale University initiatives around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging contribute to more focused college and efforts and vice versa,” shares Ms. Escobar. “We are excited to share how University of Phoenix has fostered community through cross-departmental collaboration by highlighting initiatives developed by the Office of Educational Equity and College of Education’s DEI Council.”

Learn more about UPCEA and the Regions Week Conference here.

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