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University of Phoenix provides Lean Library as student resource to enhance research capability

By Sharla Hooper

Online browser extension provides additional value in centralized hub of student resources

University of Phoenix has partnered with Lean Library, part of Technology from SAGE to provide students with enhanced research capability and access through a simple browser extension. Students can utilize this exciting new research tool for a more convenient experience and easy location of research materials along their academic journey, saving students time and money.

“We are pleased to provide this convenient tool for our students,” states Doris Savron, vice provost of University of Phoenix. “We are always seeking to add value for our students, and Lean Library is a simple but elegant tool that can help our working adult students make the most of their research time.”

Lean Library is a browser extension that works with the University of Phoenix Library to provide students with seamless access to library materials when working outside of the library website. Once downloaded, students are then alerted by a pop-up message if they are seeking information that can be accessed through the University library, including articles, e-books, and other subscriptions. If the University library does not have access to a particular resource, Lean Library will then try redirecting to an open-access version of information if it exists elsewhere.

Lean Library includes links to more popular journals, helping University of Phoenix students easily access needed articles. Additionally, if students are on Google Scholar, they will find a pop-out on the side of the browser that offers them instant access to the University library’s Ask Us service, FAQs, and “How Do I” guides for help researching your topic.

Visitors can learn more about the University Library and Lean Library here.

About University of Phoenix

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About Lean Library

Lean Library, a Technology from SAGE company, provides software solutions to the library community, bringing the power of the library into the student’s workflow, wherever they may be. Its mission is to help redefine, enable and amplify the power of the academic library in order to advance student learning and researcher impact.