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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar
Vol. 1, Issue 2

In this edition we look at the research being undertaken by our School of Advanced Studies Research Centers. In addition, we will also go in depth with an interview my colleague Dr. Erik Bean and I conducted with the new Provost John Woods.

Featured articles in this issue

  • Securing an Academic Book Publisher
  • UOPX Scholars Prominent at 2018 Communal TQR Conference

  • Identifying the Right Journal for Publishing Your Research

  • Determining Rigor and Excellence within Practitioner Publications

  • Less Can Be More: Writing for a Practitioner Audience

  • Refusing to Perish: Experiences with Academic Writing through the Lense of a Practitioner

  • Practices for Healthy Leadership

  • Dissertation to Publication: Building Scholar/Practitioner/Leaders

  • Meet John Woods, Chief Academic Officer and Provost: An Interview By Rodney Luster and Erik Bean

  • Who Are You Calling a Pracademic?

  • Crises of Care and Critique: School Principals and Narratives of Compassion Fatigue

  • Review of “Focusing on what counts: Using exploratory focus groups to enhance the development of an electronic survey in a mixed-methods

  • Promoting Psychic Equilibrium

  • Sloboda, Sussan, and Howard Present on Motor City Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

  • Teaching and Learning with the Arts

  • KWBA Executive Roundtable, Denver

  • KWBA Executive Roundtable, Detroit

  • New Book Launch in February 2018

  • AIRLEAP Conference Featured Multiple Big Data Uses Via UOPX Leads

  • The SAS Proposal Emergency Room