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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar
Vol. 5, Issue 3

First Edition

This special issue is dedicated to showcasing the fine work being done at University of Phoenix, with a singular focus on being the preeminent university serving working adults.

Featured articles in this issue

  • Student Success in an Online Practitioner-Oriented Doctoral Program • M. Kebritchi, R. Rominger, & M. McCaslin
  • Higher Ed Before and After COVID - the Unique Immunity of University of Phoenix • D. Savron & E. Krahe-Billings

  • Increasing Online Student Engagement and Retention through Interactive Video Lectures • E. Page

  • Developing Inclusive Communities with Intention and Belonging • S. Lopez & T. Richardson

  • Assessing Co-curricular Learning and the Student Experience • A. Fleming & S. Rodriguez-Flores

  • Leading Academic Innovation and Faculty Fulfillment for the Best Student Classroom Learning Outcomes: An Interview with Eve Krahe-Billings, Ph.D., EDAC, and Tahnja Wilson, MBA, MIM • R. Luster

  • Workload Efficiency • P. LaRose

  • Destigmatizing the Receipt of Accommodations By Using Character Personas in a General Education Nutrition Course • J. Kelly & J. Bruno

  • Evaluation of the Design 2.0 Initiative: An Interview with Nancy Stackhouse, Ed.D., and Jason Covert, MAEd • R. Luster

  • Direct Assessment of the Communication Skill of Empathy in Healthcare Students Using the Empathy Clinical Evaluation Exercise (ECEX) Rubric • N. Stackhouse

  • Improving Student Outcomes: Testing How Direct Faculty Engagement with Online Students Using Collaborate Live Sessions Impact Student Retention • B. Houlihan & J. Bruno

  • Education, Curriculum Resourcing, and Navigating the Pandemic: An Interview with Pam Roggeman, Ed.D. • R. Luster

  • Meeting Demands for Marriage and Family Therapists in California amidst Declining Enrollment • M. Crawford-Morrison

  • Facing Challenges in Online Academic Programs • K. Samuels

  • Skills on the Rise - Career Focused Education: A Brave Response to Employers’ Skills Gap • H. Conroy & C. Thomas

  • Perceptions of Tutoring Services in an Online Doctoral Course and Its Effect on Student Outcomes • E. Page

  • Increasing Engagement of Faculty in Assessment • G. Meyers

  • The Novel Initiative: Building Empathy Competence in UOPX Graduate Health Administration Students • E. Krahe-Billings & H. Steiness

  • Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit Schedule Released