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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar
Vol. 6, Issue 1

Special Edition

Volume 6, Issue 1

In this special edition of Phoenix Scholar, we focus on exploring adult learners’ teaching and learning challenges and approaches.

We included a collection of interesting manuscripts from the University of Phoenix leaders, faculty members, students, and graduates. The authors explored various approaches to improve online education and better serve adult learners.

Featured articles in this issue

  • Using a Custom Authoring Online Product to Create (Education) Theory-Informed Online Asynchronous Learning Environments by J. Kelly, J. Bruno, & S. Hadley
  • Design 2.0 Innovative Curriculum Initiative, Part 1: Evaluating Implementation Using the Developmental Evaluation Approach by N. L. Stackhouse
  • Feedback Strategies and Modalities in Online Higher Education by A. Larson, M. Kebritchi, M. Vianna, & E. Young
  • Student Choice and Self-Directed Learning for the College Student by N. Baker
  • Challenges and Strategies for Teaching Online Courses by P. L. Munson & J. Cardwell
  • The Case for Virtual HyFlex in Adult Online Education: A Case Study by A. C. Lawlor
  • Recommendations to Increase Nontraditional Student Online Retention by D. R. Kish
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset Among Doctoral Students through Motivation and Learning Theories by J. M. Lang
  • Belonging: More Than a New Buzzword by J. Buchanan 
  • Online Doctoral Students’ Attrition through the Lens of Retention Models: A Path for New Models by J. M. Lang
  • Integrating Technology in the College and Organizational Classroom: Impact on Adult Learners by J. A. Overbey
  • The Disequilibrium of Work-Life Balance and Moderating Work Self Efficacy by E. Bean
  • Intercultural Sensitivity and Organizational Leadership in Higher Education by L. Shoatz
  • Virtual Technology-Based Distance Learning: A Solution to the Crisis of Nigeria’s Admission into Higher Institution by P. A. Baba
  • Benefits and Challenges of Online Education for Adult Learners: Learning New Tricks by P. E. Darbyshire & M. Navarro
  • Education 4.0 and the Metaverse: Benefits & Challenges by S. Veera Don’t Fear AI: Embrace Its Power by S. Markle
  • Comparing Soft Skills in Higher Education with Industry’s Want List for Remote Work by O. Miller
  • Reskilling or Upskilling? What Employers Need to Know about Empowering Long-term Employee Potential by E. Bean
  • Online Education: Risks and Challenges by F. Kardasz 
  • Facilitating Adult Education: Lessons Acquired from “Double” Distance Learning 2,000 Years Ago by F. Carr
  • Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies: A Reflective Essay by S. Forrest
  • No Looking Back: Trasforming the Learning Landscape with Feedforward by T. Miller
  • Video Clips Tell Stories to Online Students and Enhance Engagement by C. T. Cheng