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Accommodations application process

All requests for accommodations follow a standard process managed through Accessibility and Disability Services.

How to apply for accommodations

Submit a request for accommodations:

If you are a student at the University and have an IRN, please select the link labeled Student Request for Accommodations to request a Disability Services Advisor contact you within normal business hours as soon as possible, typically within 1-2 business days of your submission.  This form will ask you to provide information about your disability or diagnosis, how it impacts you, and what accommodations you are requesting.

Student Request for Accommodations (will launch in MyPhoenix - student will have to log in)

If you are considering enrolling at the University or have a general question about our office, please complete the contact form and a Disability Services Advisor will reach out to you within normal business hours as soon as possible, typically 1-2 business days of your submission.  Please note any relevant information about your disability or diagnosis that will help us in answering your question.

New student request – Intake interview

Accessibility and Disability Services will review your request for accommodations and follow-up via a phone call to discuss your specific needs and determine your eligibility.

Review of medical documentation

The application process requires medical documentation of your disability or diagnosis that reflects your current condition.  If you do not have documentation, please discuss this with your Disability Services Advisor.  The Disability Services Advisor will determine what documentation is necessary to process your request for accommodations.

Student accommodation agreement

Once the paperwork is reviewed and an interview is conducted, your Disability Services Advisor will contact you to discuss any reasonable accommodations that might be available to you. After you and the advisor reach an agreement regarding the accommodations to be provided, the Student Accommodation Agreement will be sent to you. Any agreed-upon accommodations will be documented in the Student Accommodation Agreement for you to review and acknowledge with your Disability Services Advisor.

Requesting a copy of your accommodations file

Once the accommodations application process is completed, your entire accommodations file will be housed with Accessibility and Disability Services. You can request a copy of the file by contacting your Disability Services Advisor and requesting the Student Release of ADA File Information form.