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Center for Mathematics Excellence

Find confidence in your math skills

 Man with math formulas projecting on him from overhead projector

Maybe it's been a while since you've taken a math class. Or maybe you think math just isn’t your thing. Don’t worry – the University of Phoenix has you covered.

Develop your skills and build confidence in math through the Center for Mathematics Excellence (CME), a valuable online resource. It's an ideal refresher that covers everything from basic math terms to calculus.

We currently offer these services through CME at no charge:

Live math tutoring

During a course, you can get real-time help with Live Math Tutoring. We have one-on-one sessions conducted by trained tutors through live chat available 24/7. Our tutors use an interactive whiteboard to demonstrate math concepts for you. This service is available in select math courses and is accessible directly from the classroom.

Building math confidence

If you want a little help brushing up on foundational math concepts, but you’re not sure where to start – the Building Math Confidence tool offers two valuable refreshers:

  • PhoenixMath® acts like a virtual mentor, helping you build on concepts as you learn them. It guides you through basic math vocabulary and algebra concepts at a pace that's comfortable for you, until you're ready to go on to the next level.
  • If the thought of jumping into a college-level math course gives you the jitters, be sure to visit Overcoming Math Anxiety. It offers ways to help you overcome any apprehension you may have with all things math-related.

Math alternatives by degree

We offer degree paths with math courses relating to specific programs so you can learn math that matters to you, in your chosen field. This allows you to not just meet degree requirements, but to also focus your education around skills that are useful in your work life.

  • Students who might benefit from these unique degree plans include:
  • Students who struggle with math or those that face math-related anxiety.
  • Professionals seeking education as a means for career enhancement.
  • People on career paths where higher math might not be as beneficial or necessary.
  • Those needing extra attention and guidance to complete their math requirement.

Students also spend the first two weeks going over foundational math concepts. This refreshes critical math skills so you get off to a strong start.