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Student onboarding

Welcome to your new student orientation

You’re almost ready to start learning! Here’s what you need to know before diving into your classes.

We recommend adding this resource list to your Bookmarks for easy access.

Competency-based program checklist

To-do list before class

1.    Bookmark MyPhoenix

This is your student portal, so you’ll want quick access to the MyPhoenix link anytime, anywhere. Stay up-to-date on your coursework and important notifications here.

2.    Learn about the Pacing Guide

The Pacing Guide is your roadmap to staying on track to complete your program. It is important to familiarize yourself with it before class begins and stay ahead of schedule when possible. Your faculty mentor can help make recommendations on how to personalize the Pacing Guide to best benefit you.

3.    Schedule your personalized onboarding appointment

Explore the essentials of going to school online in this 30-minute session with your onboarding representative. Book your appointment to navigate your online classroom, get help downloading Microsoft 365® for free, review online textbooks and more.

4.    Complete your new student orientation

Learn all about your online classroom with a guided new student orientation in MyPhoenix. Allow 30-60 minutes to complete this step.

5.    Set expectations

The Competency-based grading scale uses three grades: MA (mastered), ME (met) and NM (not met). It’s completely normal to see a grade of NM and have to resubmit an assessment. Don’t let that discourage you; you have three attempts to submit assessments and level up your grade (and your mastery of the material).

6.    View your schedule

Don’t worry about registering for class — we’ll do that for you! Once you’re financially and academically cleared, you’ll automatically be enrolled in your classes. Your courses will typically be available the week prior to the start of classes (Thursday or Friday), after which you can view your schedule in MyPhoenix on your Academic Plan.

7.    Check in with your faculty mentor

Your mentor will help welcome you to University of Phoenix and be available for support throughout your student journey. Schedule a time close to your start date to connect with your mentor, and continue to reach out for guidance any time as you navigate the path towards graduation!


Attend a New Student Webinar

Get your questions answered by enrollment representatives! Look for an email containing all the details; it should arrive about two weeks before your start date.

A student in animated conversation talking with their hands
Two students in animated conversation talking with their hands

Tips and resources

Tips for your first day

Make time for school

Expect to devote at least 15-20 hours per week to your education. That’s what it takes to be well-prepared.

Post early and often

Most successful students participate frequently.

Stay engaged in the classroom

Look for instructor feedback and use it to improve.

Have a dedicated place to study

It’s important to find a quiet place where you can read textbooks, complete assignments and participate in class discussions.

Become familiar with free, helpful resources

Writing support, math resources and more can be found on

Get help when you need it

From faculty members, classmates and alumni to counselors and a team of dedicated advisors — you have an entire community rallying behind you.

Look at your syllabus

Utilize it to improve, pay attention to participation and check for feedback from your instructor.

Identify assignment due dates

Stay on top of deadlines while you’re ahead.

Important reminder

Computer requirement

Is it time to upgrade or get a new computer for your program? If so, check out computer purchasing to receive $100 off a laptop, which means you can get a computer for as low as a few hundred dollars.

Is it time to upgrade or get a new computer for your program? If so, check out computer purchasing to receive $100 off a laptop, which means you can get a computer for as low as a few hundred dollars.

Student doing coursework on a laptop

Check out the student resources and learning tools available to you as a Phoenix.