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Students working together at a desk

Enrich your experience

Cultivate a stronger sense of community—find your niche and rise together.

Student Organizations (SO)

We know that many valuable lessons are learned both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you’re attending online or at a campus near you, the best way to connect to campus life is by getting involved. Make lasting connections, experience personal growth and enhance your overall university experience by participating in a Recognized Student Organization (RSO).

Through involvement in our officially recognized honor societies, professional associations, academically-focused interest groups or philanthropic organizations, you’ll have the opportunity to experience personal growth, cultivate leadership ability, gain professional knowledge and skills and develop career plans.

Each organization offers a unique experience that can help you build personal and professional relationships with fellow students and expand your network within your community and beyond.

Your place to get involved

Student organizations can provide opportunities for you to engage in valuable learning, networking and developmental activities outside of the classroom—enhancing your college experience and cultivating a stronger sense of belonging. By getting involved in an RSO, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet others and expand your network
  • Enhance your professional experience
  • Expand your thinking and interests
  • Develop leadership, organization and management skills

Find an organization that piques your interest or start your own.

The Co-Curricular Accelerator to Career with Confidence

The Bridge Between Education and the Workplace

As the University endeavors to becoming the New Career University through its Career Services for Life® commitment, RSOs are the bridge to each students’ transition from education to the workplace.   

Co-curricular programs such as RSOs reinforce a student’s “why”—intentions of purpose— by equipping them with skills for personal and professional development (Rosch and Collins, 2017).  This creates motivation to meet and exceed their goals of academic completion and job attainment.  In addition, participation in RSOs cultivate social and civic development, leadership identity formation, soft skills (i.e. collaboration and communication) reinforcement, community networking and career support (Rosch and Collins, 2017).

Recently, we’ve expanded our co-curricular offerings to include our Bravely Belong Student Café Series.  This is a safe space for students and alumni to practice self-advocacy with the guidance of subject matter experts, (SMEs). Collaboratively, students. Alumni, and SMEs explore topics on mindfulness, belonging, gratitude and boundaries with the intent of creating productive discussions about your academic and career success.  Register for our next café or check out our latest recording.