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Crossing the Bridge from High School to College 

Before Leaving High School 

University of Phoenix provides reasonable accommodations to qualified disabled individuals who experience limitations in one or more major life activities. All students must submit appropriate medical documentation in order to qualify for reasonable accommodations.

If you have been diagnosed with a disability, arrange to provide appropriate medical documentation to include verification of your disability as well as limitations experienced and recommended accommodations for the University classroom. Typically, this documentation should be no more than three (3) years old; however, you may find more information about required documentation and options on our guide to student accomodations.

If you received accommodations in high school, maintain a copy of your high school accommodation records as this may be helpful in determining reasonable accommodations at the University.

In high school, a parent or guardian would be equally involved with the student to set up disability assistance. However, in college, the student is responsible for setting up accommodations. If your parent or guardian will assist you in setting up accommodations, you must give them formal permission. A General Power of Attorney is needed if someone other than you assists in setting up accommodations at the University on your behalf. If you would like the University to discuss your academic information with your parent, guardian or another third party, then please submit a FERPA Release Form. 

Enrolling at University of Phoenix

To enroll at University of Phoenix, begin by speaking with an enrollment advisor to complete the enrollment process and schedule classes. As accommodations may take several weeks to implement, you should contact the Disability Services Office to arrange for accommodations in order to ensure they will be effective in time to begin classes. You may contact the Disability Services Office directly by referring to our Disability Services Advisor Listing to select the correct campus and contact person. You can apply for accommodations at any time during your schooling.

Attending classes at University of Phoenix

Transitioning from high school to college requires planning, organization and commitment. Here are some pointers to assist you on your journey for your degree!

Read all the paper work.

  • Print and retain all pertinent information in your personal files.
  • Print your syllabus with your faculty member’s contact information for each class.

Follow the attendance policy.

Stay organized.

  • Keep track of when you post and in which class.
  • Keep a file for each class that can include the syllabus, calendar, print outs, assignments and notes.

Plan ahead. When possible, complete your work early.

Save time to study.

  • It takes time to read the material, understand it, and complete the assignments.
  • Set aside specific days and times to work on schoolwork.

Know your rights.

In high school your student rights were covered by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). At college, you are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Ask questions.

  • Keep in contact with your academic counselor, enrollment advisor, and disability services advisor (DSA) throughout your time at University of Phoenix.
  • When you have a question regarding an assignment, ask your faculty member.
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