At a Glance: To make your work environment more enjoyable, approach each problem knowing a solution exists, show a little kindness and recognize that a physical location change could do wonders. 
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We spend hundreds if not thousands of hours at work a year. So when work gets frustrating it can feel overwhelming. Rather than spinning in that negativity, try these three easy tactics to improve your work life.

Be positive

Make this your new mantra — there’s a solution to every problem. If you’re not offering a solution, or supporting those who are, you should hit the reset button. Sometimes it only takes one person to change the mood of your whole workplace. Why can’t that person be you? When someone in the lunchroom complains about a project or a co-worker, try to redirect to focus on the positive. If you walk into a meeting and the attendees seem distracted or unengaged, make a joke. Bring fun to all you do at work. 

Be kind

A little kindness goes a long way. Hold the door for a colleague, make eye contact and smile at co-workers in the hallway, compliment a work friend’s new shirt or haircut. Small acts of kindness in the workplace have an amazing impact on morale. You’ll see lasting effects in your relationships and work outcomes. Remember to be kind to yourself, too. Don't beat yourself up for a small mistake. Instead, make the necessary adjustments and move on. It’s better for you and better for your entire workplace.

Change it up

Sitting at the same computer staring at the same wall (or cubical wall) day after day just isn’t good for morale. Or your creativity! Advocate for changing things up. Ask your boss if you can work from a local coffee shop one morning a month. Or take your team to a brainstorming workshop away from your office. Sometimes a change of scenery is all the people need to get refreshed and reenergized to tackle that next project.

A good attitude is contagious. And so is a bad one. Try to set a good example at your workplace and others are sure to follow you.

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