At a Glance: Don’t forget to reward yourself for earning your degree, whether it’s as small as a restful nap or as big as an international trip.
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We asked University of Phoenix grads on Facebook to share with us how they rewarded themselves for graduating. As you know, going after a goal isn’t easy — especially when that goal is getting a college degree. But finally achieving it is certainly a reason to celebrate! We received more than 100 responses. Here are a few of the most common ways grads rewarded themselves:


Kimberly Sabin 
I went to Spain and Italy as my graduation present to myself. My degree gave me the confidence to travel alone. I also felt that I finally earned spending that money on myself. I made two new friends and had an amazing time.

Kerri Campbell Edeler 
My sweetie and I completed our Bachelor's degrees and walked together in Phoenix - we have made a promise to celebrate with a cruise! In the meantime I spoiled myself with pink sapphire earrings: pink sapphires represent peace, love and wisdom.

Aasia Al Swiess 
I just completed my Bsc and took a trip to London and from there to South Africa, all paid for by my kids to celebrate my achievement. My grandchildren were so inspired by my tenacityof having a full time 12 hours a day job and being able to complete my degree. It was awesome seeing my family and their children. & grandkids, some of these kids grew up and met me for the first time, very emotional journey.

Rest and relaxation:

Valinda Clemons-Elder 
My reward was a good old nap. After staying up late night's doing homework I enjoyed going to bed early.

Time with family:

Genifer Johnson 
I have three UOP celebrations! 
1. I had moved to another part of the country once my last BSN course was done, so I treated myself to a pat on the back.
2. I traveled to my home state of Louisiana and walked in Baton Rouge with my 5-year-old and my family cheering me on. They celebrated with me!
3. My family came to my doctoral hooding from across the country to celebrate with me. Best day ever!
Now, my reward is having all of that behind me and life keeps building from there. Proud Phoenix for Life!!!

LaKecia Rodriguez 
Went out to eat with friends and family. It felt extra special when my granddaughter wore my graduation cap after I walked across the stage.

New merchandise

Shonda Vance 
I rewarded myself with a few things that I really wanted...but the best reward was the sense of accomplishment! #iamaphoenix #irise

Patricia Terry Schwarz 
I am a knitter so I treated myself to a set of Knitting needles I have wanted for years... :)

Dick Smiley 
Completed final class for my BS IT/SE in July and awaiting the local ceremony in late September. In the meantime, the wife and kids surprised me with a kayak, a truck mount for my SUV, and all the accessories. I was absolutely floored when I saw them drive up with it. 

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