At a Glance: The most popular study tools University of Phoenix students recommend are a highlighter, calming music and a refreshing beverage.
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What are your favorite study space essentials? We asked University of Phoenix students and alumni on Facebook this very question to find out what they need to get the work done. Check out some of the responses we got to see if there’s anything that resonates with you!


Nora Casares
My desk is by the window. I love opening the window, and glance at the world go by while I complete assignments

Christina Teuthorn Medina
I study best when my children all go to sleep and its 9pm Chicago time I have my phone, computer, pen, pencil, and notebook! And an ice lemonade to get me through my studying!

Beverly Baker
A quiet room away from family traffic. I have my laptop, syllabus, online book, snacks, a glass of ice and a bottle of coke. Everyone else is a sleep but me the night owl I am awake.

Debbie Sackett Farole
A highlighter, water, chap stick, post it tabs, a pencil, and tablet along with a view of the ocean! Awww! Studying couldn't be better!

Beth Foster-Collier
Comfy chair, lap desk, Handel or Bach, wildflowers handpicked by hubz (in an empty Frappuccino bottle) football on tv, and dinner in the crock pot!

Brandi Enekweizu
Sunlight, highlighter, paper and pen, with smooth jazz playing as background music

Angela Watkins
Essential oils, quiet space, iced tea, printer

Melissa Chavez
My laptop w/downloaded ebooks, a blue or blk gel pen, mini yellow docket during pad, drinking water, & a crunchy healthy snack. Also, I have to sit a table or desk to focus my thoughts and understand my weekly reading material otherwise sitting on bed or sofa makes me sleepy.

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