Veterans Resource Centers

You’ve protected us, so we’re supporting you.

Everyone affiliated with the military deserves support, so we’re opening Veterans Resource Centers (VRCs) at a few key campuses around the country. We’re proud to serve veteran students and military families – and we thank you for your service.

Endless support – beyond the classroom

For all veterans, as well as military affiliated families and individuals, VRCs are a place to connect with peers, access helpful resources and establish a sense of community. These dedicated centers provide support services specifically geared toward the unique needs of veteran students, such as: 

  • Federal and State benefit information
  • Local/community support services
  • Information about scholarship and financial aid opportunities
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) information and brochures
  • Information about local Veterans Service Organizations (VSO)
  • Career readiness workshops
  • Quiet study areas
  • VA work study opportunities
  • Veteran networking events and activities


Get to know some of the alliances that support veterans like you. Whether it’s guidance through education, finding the next step in your career, or mental health care – your best interests are their priority. 

Veterans Crisis Line

Call the Veterans Crisis Line in time of need. They’re prepared to help you and loved ones by listening and offering immediate resources.

Find a Veterans Resource Center at these locations:

In an effort to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for all students and alumni affiliated with the military, we’ve opened Veterans Resource Centers (VRC) at four key campuses around the country. We’re proud to serve a dedicated population of veteran students—and we thank them for their service. Veterans Resource Centers are located at the following campuses:

State Veteran Affairs List

Every state has a Veterans Affairs site, offering resources to complement your experience as a veteran in school, after the military, or in a number of other ways. Find your state’s site from the list below.

Student Resources

Aside from veteran education benefits and resources, we’re here to support you as a student in school and beyond.

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Student Support

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Graduation and Beyond

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Local Campus

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