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The Rise of Daniel: Security Guard to Professional Systems Engineer - University of Phoenix

0:00 ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
0:15 Losing that sense of control, it's almost unimaginable.
0:20 A lot of jobs that were available did not pay
0:22 as much as what I was making before.
0:25 That's pretty much where I had to make a choice.
0:27 Computers have always been a hobby of mine
0:29 ever since I was a little kid.
0:31 I had to see if I had what it took
0:33 to take my hobby and turn it into a career.
0:36 I wanted to set an example for my kids at...
0:39 even at my age, it wasn't too late to go back to school.
0:44 It wasn't too late to learn.
0:45 It wasn't too late to be better
0:47 than what you currently were.
0:49 ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
0:54 Things are constantly changing
0:55 and it's up to us to be able to focus in
0:58 on what we're passionate about,
1:00 so we can change with the world
1:02 and adapt to our new surroundings.
1:03 [music fades out]

The Rise of Daniel: Security Guard to Professional Systems Engineer

Daniel Gatz was in a dead-end job as a security guard. Wanting more for his family, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in IT and eventually earned a position as a Professional Systems Engineer for a leading telecom company.

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The Rise of Cindy: Working for Someone Else to Small Business Owner - University of Phoenix

0:00 ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
0:16 I deal with people every day.
0:17 They're afraid of change.
0:20 You can't control what life throws at you,
0:23 but you can control your perspective.
0:26 My doctorate degree was always a lifelong goal for me.
0:29 I had to separate myself from everyone else.
0:32 I had to be different.
0:34 I have something to prove in the world.
0:36 When it was over, and I earned a degree,
0:40 my whole life changed.
0:41 I brought strength up from
0:43 areas I didn't even know I had.
0:45 ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
0:53 Reinventing yourself is a lifelong journey.
0:58 [music fades out]

The Rise of Cindy: Working for Someone Else to Small Business Owner

Cindy Banton was laid off from an upper management job and diagnosed with cancer. She survived both, earned a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in IT and now runs her own business.

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The Rise of Danny: Refugee to Detective - University of Phoenix

0:00 ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
0:14 I was woken up by, by the sound of shootings
0:17 and people screaming,
0:19 and my dad had grabbed me
0:22 and ran down the stairs.
0:24 We escaped the Khmer Rouge Work Camp
0:26 when I was 6 years old
0:27 and I came to the US as a refugee.
0:31 I did not speak any English.
0:33 It felt like crossing over into a different world.
0:36 My family had told me that
0:37 they can take anything away from you.
0:39 They can take your freedom.
0:40 They can take your money, your home,
0:42 anything from you, but not your education.
0:45 ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
0:54 I never imagined that I would have a college degree.
0:57 I'd never imagined that I'm able to serve
1:00 the community by being a police officer.
1:03 From my background, if I can make this far,
1:06 you can do it too.
1:08 [music fades out]

The Rise of Danny: Refugee to Detective

Danny Kim escaped a Khmer Rouge labor camp and came to the United States as a refugee. He grew up to become a police officer, but his opportunities to advance were limited without a degree. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and is now a detective.

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Source: U.S. Department of Labor: Job projections for 2014-2024 from Bureau of Labor Statistics. Information not specific to University of Phoenix.

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