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Have you earned previous college credits? Do you have experience from work or from military training? If so, we want to help you get the credit you deserve.

Previous educational experience

Keep the credit you earned – Transfer it to University of Phoenix

Transfer your credits

Do you already have some college credits? If so, they might apply towards a future degree. We accept college credits from many approved academic institutions, including some that are outside of the United States. We also have a Community College Pathway to help you apply earned credit towards a bachelor’s degree. Don’t do it over, transfer it!

Transfer your credits

Transfer your experience

Working professionals might be able to apply relevant experience towards credit. Submit a portfolio with information about your company’s in-house training for consideration. Additionally, personal and other professional experiences that relate to your academic pursuit might count towards credit. Contact a representative today to see if you can turn your experiences into credit.

Transfer your experience

Test for credit

You might be able to demonstrate your knowledge and earn college credit by taking a standardized test. Speak with an Enrollment Representative to learn more.

Test for credit

Transfer your military training

The military documents all of their training programs so that the men and women who serve can get credit for their hard earned skills, knowledge and service. This means you might be able to apply your military training towards college credit. We can help you see if this option is right for you.

Transfer Military Training

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Have you already earned college credits? They may transfer to University of Phoenix. *

*Acceptance of credit earned at another institution is at the discretion of the University of Phoenix. Please consult an enrollment representative for details. After formal evaluation of prior credits, University of Phoenix will determine which credits may be program eligible. Such determination may affect actual cost.

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