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Woman researching the UOPX transfer pathway program


Save time and money with transfer credits from community college

Through our community college transfer program, associate degree students like you can take three years of general course requirements at a participating community college and complete a bachelor’s degree in a little over a year at University of Phoenix. 

Here’s how you’ll save

Spend less money

Choose us, and you'll save $144 on every 3-credit course at our special rate of $350 per credit. Plus, we’ll waive tuition and the resource fee for your first course. With these savings and your transfer credits from community college, you can complete your bachelor’s degree for as little as $12,200.

Save more time

Complete one of these eligible degrees below in as little as 14 months as a community college transfer student.


Simple, easy-to-follow transfer process

Whether you’re exploring your options or ready to apply to a program, we have a team of experienced enrollment representatives who can answer your questions. Simply call (844) 937-8679.

Earn an associate degree

Earn an associate degree at a participating community college then take additional courses at our special rate to transfer to University of Phoenix.

Apply to a program

Choose one of our four eligible transfer pathway degree programs. See eligible programs.

Transfer credits from community college

Transfer up to 87 credits toward your bachelor’s degree — saving you time and money. 

Complete coursework

Save $144 on every 3-credit course at our special rate of $350 per credit while completing your remaining 11 courses (33 credits) in as little as 14 months. 


Earn your bachelor’s degree in about a year at University of Phoenix.

Student reaching out to enrollment representatives
Person learning about education services for their career

Turn your education into a career

Career-relevant and skills-aligned learning

Our eligible bachelor’s degree programs are aligned with real-world careers and include career-relevant skills sought after by employers. 

Career Services for Life® Commitment

Your degree gives you access to career coaching, resume building and interview prep. For life.

Real-world faculty

As leaders in business, technology and healthcare, our faculty bring practical knowledge to the classroom. Apply what you learn to your career tomorrow.

Participating colleges

Bergen Community College
Casper College
Central Wyoming College
College of Southern Nevada
College of Western Idaho
Columbus State Community College
Dallas County College District
El Camino Community College
Houston Community College System

Joliet Junior College
Los Rios Community College District
Maricopa Community Colleges
Northeastern Junior College
Northwest College
Northwest Career College
State Center Community College District
Tarrant County College District

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We have relationships with community colleges across the country that make transferring credit to University of Phoenix easier for you. Check out our transfer guides to see if your transfer credits from community college may transfer into a specific program. If you have your associate degree our 3+1 Transfer Pathway lets you transfer 87 credits, the equivalent of three years, through our community college transfer program.

The transferability of credits is at the discretion of the receiving institution. University of Phoenix can perform a preliminary evaluation using your unofficial transcripts to give you an idea of how your transfer credits from community college may apply to your selected program. Officially, you need to complete the admissions form, provide information about all schools attended, and sign the transfer request form. When all forms and transcripts are received, you’ll know for sure what transfer credits from community college will apply.

Smiling enrollment representative

Start a conversation about your future with an enrollment representative today.

Terms and Conditions

Associate Transfer Tuition Rate

University of Phoenix (“University”) will offer students who have been conferred an associate degree from (hereinafter collectively “Eligible Students”) the Associate Transfer Tuition Rate as set forth in the University’s Academic Catalog toward undergraduate coursework. The Associate Transfer Tuition Rate shall not be combined with nor shall it apply to any other University promotions, scholarships or tuition reduction offers.

Tuition Benefits

To be eligible for the following tuition benefit, there must be an agreement in place between and the University that sets forth a 3+1 Transfer Pathway that allows for the Eligible Students’ credits to be transferred to one of the following University bachelor’s degree programs (“Agreement”). While the Agreement is in effect, the University will waive the tuition and resource fees for Foundations for University Success (GEN/201) or Professional Contemporary Nursing Role and Practice (NSG/302) for Eligible Students enrolled in the University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Management or Bachelor of Science in Health Management programs.

Except as provided for herein, Eligible Students are responsible for paying all tuition fees and costs, including any book and materials fees associated with their enrollment at the University.

Please note: For students using VA benefits, certification of a course solely for monthly housing allowance will use a month of benefit entitlement.